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How Jury Duty is Like Acting

I had never served jury duty before last week. As a resident of California and Washington states, when I was called to appear for jury duty, I had always claimed financial hardship due to the fact that I was a freelance work, no pay. But since I moved to New York in 2000, and they don't allow you to get out of your civic duty with such nonsense, I finally appeared when I got my first summons in 2004. I, of course, postponed my appearance as many times as I could and then I finally went down to 100 Centre St.* and appeared. And, although serving on a jury isn't exactly like acting, I thought there were quite a few similarities between the two. Enough that, while I was going through the experience, I kept being struck by how familiar it was to me. And I started to notice distinct similarities which I will expound for you now.

In show business, as in jury duty, there is a lot of waiting around. Arriving at the courthouse on Monday morning, we were told to go into the …

Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants


I'm having such a great time working with Duncan Pflaster, playwright and director of a wonderfully, smart and zany play. The cast he's assembled is very talented and brave and really nice people, as well. I feel a little bit like I'm letting the cast down in a way, by not being as funny as they are. I try to tell myself, "My character is just not one of the wackier characters. He's largely a voice-of-reason and used heavily for exposition."

But then, its hard not to wonder, "If my role were being played by Chris Cariker, would he be more funny?"

In any case... Were I not in this play I would love to see it. I can't wait until it opens. The costumes are promising to be quite delicious as the Broadway Bares costumer David Withrow is on board with us. Here is a link to our media page:

The nudity doesn't bother me. I'm not embarrased or frightened by being nude or being seen nude. People often tel…