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High Intensity Interval Training - explained

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great method for reshaping your body.  It taps into your metabolism and burns fat for hours afterward. I spent many years doing “cardio” with very scant results. I learned and believed that if I kept my heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone’ for 45 minutes that that would be the best use of my time and energy. But I couldn’t drop those last few pounds around my middle.

Then I discovered and practiced HIIT and I could literally see results on my body within weeks.  I’m going to explain the basic premise of the technique that I’ve been using to keep myself lean. This article is not for people who still need to be convinced that HIIT is the way to go.  For that, I will refer you to this article:

What I’m doing here, is explaining how you can start to reap the benefits of this powerful technique. It will require a timer and an activity; that’s all. Running, swimming, jumping rope, burpees, climbing a tree.... anything that you can do with the pr…

The Realistic Truth about Health and Fitness

The industry of health and fitness is young and research is still being conducted daily with new findings being published continually.  If you don’t stay diligent and keep up with it, you’re likely to be practicing techniques based on outmoded and disproved data.

For example, in the seventies, everyone thought whole wheat was healthy.  Today we not only know that whole grains are harmful, but that wheat, in particular is a dangerous choice because of the almost 100% chance that commercially grown wheat is from a genetically modified crop which can cause immune system dis-function, birth defects and other unpleasant things.

In the 80’s, everyone jumped on the Low Fat bandwagon. But the incidents of heart disease still skyrocketed seemingly mysteriously. The latest research is showing that low fat diets increase inflammation in our bodies and that inflammation is the biggest contributor to not only heart disease but practically every disease known to man.

Another misstep in the 80’s w…

The Perfect Balance

I don't have the body I want.

In my mind, my body is inadequate and unfinished. I've thought that since as early as I was self conscious. I always had a perfect image of what I wanted to look like, but alas, I've never achieved it and never will.

However, I'm fine with that. Because many years ago I came to terms with the fact that I'm not willing to sacrifice what it takes to get the body I want.

It was a tough realization at first, but once I embraced it, it was a great weight off my shoulders.

I have struck that delicate balance between what I'm willing to do and how I'm willing to look.

I feel like this is the key to happiness; not having the perfect body, but having the body that suits you perfectly.

I do still strive for that impossible dream, every day. The way I keep myself on track, though, is to hold that ideal in my mind. I don't need to achieve it, but it is there as a guidepost. I can envision myself walking around in that body. The thi…