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JAG's Video Club

For years I've been using my camera as an exercise tool. I've learned a lot about my tendencies and muscular imbalances by watching videos of myself doing my exercises. By watching myself, I can adjust what I'm doing and thereby change my tendencies or correct my imbalances.

In the past, I'd typically watch a video once (or more, if I need to study it) and then delete it. But, for the past year or so, I've been putting together clips from these videos and, just for fun, posting them on YouTube before deleting them.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page for samples of some of those YouTube videos)
Now I want to make my entire workout available. Not just clips.  Announcing...

JAG's Video Club
Each month I am going to upload my current workout including warm up and cool down, and I'll upload my stretching/yoga/body tuning or whatever type of session I'm using to heal my body, and a Nia workout that I'm working on. Access to each video will be availabl…

River's First Road Trip

River is the first dog I've had since I stopped owning cars. I'd love to take him on road trips with me, but first I need to find outhow he’s going to do in the car. 
I have taken him for one ride, about six months ago. It was in the back of an SUV with no windows and he was in his crate and he got sick in the car. Oops. (I’ve since learned that I did it all wrong.) So now I’ve rented a sedan for our road trip. I wanted to do some acclimatizing to the car so we went through a series of introductions: first test: sitting in the car, he was fine second: starting the car, fine third: backing up and rolling back into place, all fine then we took a break.
We went back inside and I put on the leash and harness. (Well, I put it on him haha) Then,  back out to the car for more steps: sitting, fine; starting, fine; backing up, fine. So, we drive half way around the block and park on the street, and he’s fine. We get out, play in the grass, get back in the car, fine. I start it up, roll it for…