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JAG's 2016 Menu

Here's what I've put together to present in 2016.

1- AMAZING.   This routine is a fun celebration of collaboration. It was co-created with JAG and several different Nia communities across the USA.  It contains some familiar songs in a variety of genres, from country music, to disco.  Many of the songs are about the cities from which the creative choreography comes. The focus of the routine is on Connections and Directions and the intent is to Explore Something New and Return Home Renewed.  Read this blog entry for a full description of the story behind this routine.

If your community is interested in participating in a choreography playshop exactly like the ones we used to create the Amazing routine, that can certainly be arranged. It requires about three hours.  Here is a sample of the flier for this class: ****************
2- ORCHESTRA.   This routine was co-created by JAG and Marcelle Rudnick, Brown Belt from Kansas City. It uses all Classical Music. Ravel's 'Bolero…