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The Power of Water: The Wonder Liquid

Second to air, water is the most important nutrient for your body.  Whereas you could go months, or maybe years without many of your body’s important nutrients, you would be dead in a few days without water.  Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard something to the effect that you should be drinking “Eight glasses a day.”  But still, most people don’t.   I’m not saying that you should necessarily drink that much water, but you should certainly be drinking enough. Most of us are walking around in a chronic state of mild dehydration and don’t even realize it.  Check out this website to find out how much water you should be drinking. When figuring your water intake needs, keep in mind that water sources include drinking water and also certain foods and other beverages, so an individual with a healthy diet can assume they are getting about 20% percent of their water needs from their diet. Do not consider soda, coffee, alcohol, and black teas to be good sources of water beca…