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Personal Training the JAG fit way

“Most people decide they want to get in shape, so they either hire a trainer or join a gym to work on their own. But they do way too much work and not enough balanced lifestyle adjustments, so they burn out from all the hard work and get discouraged because they’re not seeing the changes they want. They just want to be ‘toned and fit’ but they’re doing the workout of an elite athlete. And they’re not supporting it with a fitness lifestyle. Even if they do get results, they often decide that it’s not worth all of the hard work, and eventually drop the gym, the trainer and/or the lifestyle. If instead, they took small, comfortable steps toward fitness they’d not only get fit easily but they’d enjoy doing it and maintain it forever. As your trainer it is my role to teach you how to become your own trainer. I specialize in helping people take control of their bodies.”-Jason Alan GriffinJAG Fitness
You don’t need to live at the gym or even have a membership! You don’t have to have a per…