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Golf Digest

I had to wake up at about 4am to be sure I had enough time to shower, shave and make and eat my breakfast and be at the corner of 11th Ave and 47th St. looking to be picked up in a van and driven to a golf course in Yonkers by sunrise.
My job for the day was another modeling gig, but this time I had the opportunity to incorporate another interest of mine; yoga.  I was hired to do some yoga poses on a golf course for an article set to appear in a future issue of Golf Digest about how doing yoga can improve your golf game. They started me right off right with a crow pose. And I held it for a LOOOONG time while they focused, set light levels, fussed with my clothes and made sure every blade of grass was facing the right way.
Through out the course of the day I only did about four poses.  The hardest was the headstand.  Not usually a terribly hard pose for me, but they had me holding the flag in one hand and only using one arm to support my headstand! Ouch.   I needed a massage after this.