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Another Nia student testimonial

Yay! Go Nia!
"Last February, I just got off the couch and decided to come back to Nia after 3 years of not doing any exercise. I showed up to your Sunday class and instantly felt comfortable and accepted. I found myself coming back each Sunday really focused on your opening "intention" for the day and feeling better already. Once the music came on, I simply responded to the joy of movement to music. I didn't ask myself to do more than what I could and the atmosphere was welcoming and non-judgemental.
Three months later, I had an "a ha" moment a block away from my apartment. It happened after work, right after I left Gourmet Garage carrying 2 packages and a shoulder bag; I wanted to get home and the Broadway light was already green. I just ran across the street and made the light! I didn't even think about it until I had crossed Broadway. The old, lethargic me would have stood at the corner to wait for the next light. The new me didn't eve…