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You want to do something?
Do it now, while you can.
Do you feel the urge to speak?
Spill before it's too late.

Face it, you'll never be ready
but don't let that slow you down.
Is there something you hoped to see
while you're still young enough?
What are you waiting for? NOW!

Do not assume that those
Opportunities and freedoms
You currently neglect.
Will be there waiting for you.
Life has no guarantees;
Liberties stolen in the blink of an eye.
So don't be quiet, don't wait and see,
Don't hold out, procrastinate,
Forever plan and fantasize.
Do it. Don't not do it, now.
Do it now.

Now is the only time that's real.
Now is the only time to act.
Remove the phrase, "I can't wait to..." from your lexicon
Don't wait to savor life.
Remove the phrase, "It can wait." waiting is a losing game.
In the future things may not exactly be the same.
In one moment your entire life could change.
And then what??...
Do it now.

Goober Patrol

two tables at a restaurant. two CUSTOMERS are seated at one table and a WOMAN is seated at another table, waiting for her blind date to show up.  He’s late.

DINA: You're a contrarian.

DANNY: No, I'm not.

DINA: Well you gainsay everything.

DANNY: No, I don't. You're just being a bitch.

DINA stands up, throws her napkin down on the table and storms out, leaving her date alone.

WAITER (has seen this and stops her as she's leaving): Do you want me to call the PC Warden?

DINA: Yes!

WAITER: Yes, ma'am.  (turning to the WOMAN at the other table) And how about you, you've been sitting here for twenty minutes. Do you think you're FINALLY ready to order?!

WOMAN:  No, not yet, sorry.

WAITER storms off in a snooty huff.
In the meantime, a MAN enters with another official-looking man following close behind. They approach the other table.
MAN (to her): Are you Stacy?
WOMAN: Yes, David?
MAN: Yes, Hi. Have you been waiting long?
WOMAN: (lying) No….
The MAN sits at the table whi…

Wake Up

Belief is a block
So hard to rock
Open your mind
Dogma can blind c0nnect1on; to sp1r1tual1ty;
to free th0ught; to p0ss1b1l1ty; unanswered questions being
more powerful than unfounded answers being all right - okay with not knowing
to the end--to meaninglessness peaceonearthtogethernessonenesshealingwholeness and all that entreats and entails
 enlists involves inspires and incorporates
for one and all - forever and ever - amen your 'nner truth
your truth
yourself happ'ness.

All the good connection- real spiritbeing-
deepest thought -richest rewards come from seeing
searching asking wondering, considering and pondering
and doing it again and again and again, even then
still not knowing.

Organized religion is mind control (spirit off)
"god is my autopilot" cruz control, (spirit off)
Get out of the bible verse and into the universe
Swim in the fables, don't tread water in the book. Science is real - faith not a virtue.
Good comes f…

My EYES Have It

For years I'd worn contact lenses, but about two years ago, I had a very strong instinct that I shouldn't put them in again.  And without ceremony, I simply never wore them again.  Not sure if that's related to this, but I'm putting it out there.

I guess it all started with gusto when I was living at a new Motel 6 every day.  Sometimes, I'd wake up and one of my eyes (whichever one was closest to the pillow if I slept on my side) would be terribly itchy and sometimes to the point of painful.  It felt like there was an eyelash (or a piece of straw, or a needle or a boulder) under my eyelid.  I'd rinse it with water and get on with my day.

I was concerned that my vision was getting worse, too. It seemed as though I was occasionally trying to look through a thin layer of oil.

I would blink furiously, trying to wash it away, to no avail. It was an off and on problem, so I suffered through it while it was exacerbated and ignored it while it was in remission.

Almost …

The Gift of Pain

I'm grateful for the pain of others, but only if they share.
To Phoenix, we must first be challenged, burnt, hurt, broke.
We never try to improve what's running perfectly smoothly
But those who've survived through the fire have built the best bulwark.

Thanks Scott, Debbie, Jack and Jill for setting your journey alight.
you ignited your trials and blazed a path to your success
Generously affording me the fruits of all your labors
Without my suffering from the original distress.

Someone without asthma never has to learn how to breathe right. Your battle with scoliosis has taught me perfect posture. I'm intimate with my shoulder thanks to your inner journey of rehab and recovery from a bad dislocation. 
We've been given a wealth in the form of our imperfections Obstacles we overcome can be our greatest offering. Please let us share and revel in each other's struggles in life The gift of your handicap was meant to strengthen everyone.

Prison of Stuff

The years of accumulation
Trap me in a prison of strife
Surrounding and protecting me
From experiencing my life.

Now all the things I had once owned
Rotisserate me on a skewer;
Demanding regular upgrades
And maintenance, keeping it newer.

Electronics need updating
Wardrobe the same, plus washanddry.
As I practice for mastery
Toys take up my time nightandday.

But the biggest captor of all
Is my pet; a highly strung hound.
I sought a companion and pal
But now have a headcase profound.

Every day I'm on red alert.
Danger ambulates with megrim.
Myself, friends, family and strangers
Are jeopardized by his wild whim.

The question is, who's owning who?
Who is in charge when we go traipse?
Dog on offensive, I'm defense
I find myself plotting escapes.

Oh to be unhampered from stuff.
I think I'd do well being free
From those collected things and junk
Psychologically undoing me.

I could live without much of it
But some things are deeply ingrained.
The most painful thorn in my sid…