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Energy Flow

In 2009, I seriously injured my shoulder lifting weights in the gym.  At that time, I made a commitment to myself to find a way to stay in shape without lifting weights. I worked, explored, researched, studied, experimented and finally came up with what I call Energy Flow.  It combines the concepts of high intensity interval training with calisthenics and yoga.

I used my creation to bring my body back to a place of strength and stability over the next year.

Then, in 2010, I put together what I had created into a class format and began teaching Energy Flow to other people. It proved a very challenging and rewarding experience for both me and my students to share in the learning that this technique brings about.

I have experienced in myself and witnessed in those who choose to undertake the program, a great improvement in strength AND flexibility, as well as an adjustment of the body weight to a lower percentage of fat weight to muscle weight.

Until now, this technique was only availabl…

Food Purist

I tell people I’m a food purist. And I say I’m gastronomically conservative. 
Sometimes these terms are misunderstood. These terms that, as far as I know, I’ve made up; I don’t see them commonly used this way, but I could easily have picked them up subconsciously and adopted them. When something is so universally true, as I think food purism is, you often see the same or similar permutations of the concept showing up in different places.
Anyway, being a food purist doesn’t mean that I only eat the foods that offer the best nutrition per calorie, or the foods with the highest antioxidant levels or the most enzymes or the least fat or the lowest glycemic index, etc. etc. That’s all popular science and I don’t get bogged down in it. All of that is changing constantly, anyway: One day eggs are good for you, the next day, you can only have whites, then they’re good for you again, then you find out they’re bad for you. Not that I’m saying anything about eggs right now, but this is just to ill…

Torso Yoga

The flow video I'm posting for August is something I'm calling Torso Yoga. Not strictly yoga, but certainly based in the practice, Torso Yoga is an hour of movements that focus on strengthening and stretching the torso:
Abdominals, Obliques, Back, Buttocks, Chest, Hips and Shoulders.

It is a well rounded hour and not too strenuous although very taxing.

You can download and own the full, one-hour video for only $9.

I had music playing the day I worked out, but I've taken the sound out for this video and I've added a voice over commentary describing what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I feel like if you want music, you would probably want to choose your own.  And having silence behind my voice over is much less distracting.

The video you can see on this page is hosted on YouTube and is compiled from clips of the very same video you'd be downloading. I've added a musical score to the clips, making a montage. I offer this short video as a way for you to ge…