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Relax into Personal Power - Kansas City

First Degree Black Belt Nia teacher Jason Alan Griffin (JAG) is coming to Kansas City and teaming up with Brown Belt Nia teacher Marcelle Rudnick to present a sensational workshop.

Relax into Personal Power

Do you like the idea of your own Personal Power?
Would you love to be able to increase your power by relaxing?

Using JAG's latest routine, Frankie Say Nia, which is a fun, quirky and exhilirating blend of songs from the "New Wave" musical movement of the early 80's, JAG and Marcelle intend to teach how by using our Arms and Hands and the sensation of Touching, we can increase our own Personal Power during Nia classes and out in the world, as well.

Check out this video showing JAG in his home in Seattle as he plays around with some of the music and movements that you'll see in his Frankie Say Nia routine.

In the Kansas City workshop, Marcelle will show us how we can increase our ease and power by sensing our hand and arm movements, and especially by tuning into…

Frankie Say Nia Birthday Bash

June 15 is my birthday.

The information about this playshop has been modified since this page was published. I edited the contents of this page to reflect the changes and I've also created an entirely new page. Please visit this page for the most accurate information.
To celebrate, I don't want presents or cake.  But I am putting together a playshop and I'd love for you to join me.

Frankie Say Nia is a classic Nia routine using all 80's New Wave music.
The focus of the routine is on Creative Arm and Hand Expressions and the intent is to Relax into Personal Power.

I have reserved the beautiful Century Ballroom on Saturday, June 13 from Noon to 4pm.

I want to start the day by doing the routine and then a bit of freedancing and a choreography jam. 

Part of what I'm doing this year is co-creating my next year's routine with communities across the country. Each community will choose their representative songs and then we'll play with them together until we co…