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Close Your Mouth for Health

People who are concerned with their health and longevity would do well for themselves to examine and be aware of how often their mouths are open.  It is more healthy to breathe through our nose.  The nose is a filter that prepares air for the body’s consumption.  The nasal hairs and the mucus therein serve as a trap for many of the impurities in the air before it reaches our lung tissues.  When this mucus accumulates enough soot, it will harden and flake off, creating boogers. If you’d ever examined how disgusting a booger is, you’d be grateful for them; they’ve prevented all of that filth from entering your lungs. Taking a breath through your mouth delivers completely unfiltered air directly into your lungs, leaving all of that impure and toxic soot for your sensitive lung tissue to deal with.  The nasal passage also serves to warm the air. The inside of our body is just under 99 degrees Fahrenheit.  Even a slight deviation from that precise temperature can cause big problems.  Notice h…

Re-balancing the Upper Body

It’s been a while since I updated what’s been going on with my workouts. I’m still dealing with the repercussions of that one fateful day of ego. (Well... I guess I should clarify that. No, I’m not completely ego-free on the other days) But this one day, in January 2009, it was particularly strong. Apparently it was much stronger than my body, so to make a long story short, I wrecked my shoulder. If you’d like to catch up or read an interesting story of an injury, ... Here is a post I made just a few months after the incident
Here is a post made ten months afterward, showing a big loss of size and symmetry. 
This is the story of how I bounced back, rather than accept defeat
So now It has been two years and two months since that day. And, as I have said, I’m still paying the price.  I don’t have pain anymore, which is great. And my range of motion is excellent. In fact, I actually have more flexibility on the right side now than I did before I injured it. This is partially due to the differen…

Tennis redux

A couple months ago, I wrote about how I was interested in starting to play tennis. Someone saw that post and responded to it. So now today we’re playing tennis for the second time.  I was raised on tennis.  It was one of a few sports that my parents made sure I got a healthy diet of. Some of the others being soccer, softball and bowling. I played from my formative years all the way until my late teens, when I left the house, and the attached affiliation with the tennis club, to pursue my young, independent life.  One of the things that I didn’t appreciate about the sport was its strong emphasis on one side of the body. The right side, in my case. Serve, forehand, backhand, forehand, repeat. All on one side. Once I became aware of this, I was concerned about overdevelopment of one side over the other.   This is one of the main reasons I turned my back on all of the racquet sports in favor of others like wrestling and swimming, and why later in life I turned more towards dancing, martial…