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My Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation

This is a very important discussion that has only recently been brought to my attention by a long thread on a Facebook group for Nia Teachers. Thanks go out to Vinajoy Duran for bringing it up.  I am one of the privileged white people who isn't negatively affected by this except that I am sensitive and empathetic so when I hear that someone is struggling with something I'm doing, I feel their pain and choose to acknowledge them, examine it, and do my best to make it right.
I have been teaching Nia for 21 years now and I appreciate how much it has changed in that time, just as the world is not the same place it was back in the 80's when it began, or in the 90's when I joined. As the world continues to change, I think it is incumbent upon us to embrace newfound awareness and adjust as needed. There is no denying that we have entered an era of renewed attention to cultural oppression and bigotry, and it is my deep desire to be a voice and an example of compassion and tole…

2017 Offerings

Here's what's on the menu for JAG TOUR 2017

This year, I've created two new Nia routines.  Both of them are adaptations of older routines.

Fantastic - (new for 2017)
Inspired by the movements from the classic Carlos Rosas routine, "Fantasia,"  Fantastic is a JAG original routine that uses Carlos' classic choreography in an almost song-for-song adaptation. Some of the featured artists in this routine are Goldfrapp, Macy Gray, Talking Heads, Basement Jaxx and others. It also contains a three-song tribute to the career of David Bowie, from Space Oddity to Heroes to Blackstar.

Profound - (New for 2017)
Another adaptation, this time of Winalee Zeeb's recent routine, Deep Dive.  Profound sets her wonderful liquid choreography to new music from Xavier Rudd, Imogen Heap, Propellerhead (featuring Shirley Bassey), Beats Antique and others.

Both adaptation routines use mostly modern, popular music from this millennium, with an ear toward ethnic eclecticism.

I am also …

Skin Cancer Redux

If you want to catch up, click and read:
When I discovered the first occurrence back in 2010.

Some follow ups from surgery to remove cancer.

Further education and experience.

Using topical chemotherapy

The experience motivated me to seek out good brands of sunscreen, so you can read and enjoy the fruits of those labors here. 

When all of this was going on, the doctor told me that I was at a very high risk for a return visit from this type of cancer. And I was going along fine for several years.  I would diligently point out any marks, bumps or dis-colorization on my skin to a doctor and, until recently, was always told it's nothing to worry about.

But a few months ago, the doctor examining a suspicious spot on my neck said, "Hmmm. I'd like the lab to take a closer look at this to be sure." I agreed and let her take a punch biopsy to send in for testing.

The results came back positive. As in, I had cancer again. Once again, I was reassured that the type that I have is ver…