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Rock & Roll Nia hits Corpus Christi

Come and party Texas style as we sweat and dance to some classic Rock & Roll favorites by:

Pink Floyd
The Doors Steppenwolf
Cream Bad Company Led Zeppelin ...and many more
If you like Nia, or just like to dance, you'll have a great time as Jason will lead the class through a very simple, but Rockin' Nia experience. The work is pure Nia, but you don't need to know that to enjoy it. You don't need to know that you'll be doing moves inspired by Tai Chi, Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Modern Dance, Alexander Technique, and many more movement modalities. In fact, as Jason says, "You don't need to have any type of movement experience at all and you can walk in and be instantly great in my class. Come and play in my Mega Rockin Nia experience."

If you like to move around and you love your body and want to treat it right, and if you love good old rock and roll, then you should definitely make it a point not to miss this one-of-a-kind Corpus Christi eve…

Rockin Kansas City

Black Belt, Jason Alan Griffin has loved teaching Nia since 1996 and has enjoyed an acting and modeling career in New York City for more than a decade. He has recently relocated to Seattle, adopted a dog and bought a car and is now traveling around the country spreading the Nia love one state at a time.

On September 29, he will be bringing his unique style of fun and exercise to Kansas City in the form of his Rock & Roll Nia class.

ROCKIN: A Classic Nia routine set to classic Rock & Roll music

Sunday, September 29
5 pm - 6 pm
Body and Soul of Kansas City
649 E 59th St.
Kansas City, Missouri

ROCKIN is a Nia routine created by Jason Alan Griffin. He explains, "It was originally inspired by Helen Terry doing a routine to the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, and by Bill Stewart setting a classic Nia routine to Rock n Roll music. Both of those experiences took me to places I hadn’t yet gone in my Nia practice. I came back from that weekend newly inspired and I…

Building the Itinerary

I’m currently immersed in the project of putting together my next road trip. I love this process. I connect with so many people across the country and drop the suggestion that River and I come by and visit their Nia studio. I offer to teach my Rockin Nia routine or something more. I don’t press the issue; I want everything to unfold organically and naturally, so I have vowed not to pressure or convince anyone to do it. If I’m not met with enthusiastic excitement and support, I don’t pursue it.

Sometimes I contact people directly through email by looking them up on the NiaNow website. Many times I am in contact with someone already thanks to Facebook. And in some cases, I’m connected to someone by someone I’ve already connected to using one of those first two methods. I am very amenable to work with. I don’t have a set fee or a set of hard and fast demands for my appearance. As long as I can arrive with River and teach my class with him in the room, I’m happy. I expect some sort of p…

Simple Salad

Today for lunch I peeled and sliced three whole beets and put them in a steamer for about half an hour. I’ll only use part of one beet, but I like to make extra to have on hand in the refrigerator to easily add to salads or cooked meals.

While they steamed I cooked some boneless chicken thighs that had been rubbed with a mixture of spices;  laid flat on a roasting pan; no oil, at 425 for twenty minutes.  If I were using breasts, I’d have the oven at only 350. If I weren’t using meat at all, I’d be sure to add a handful of nuts, seeds or beans and maybe some cheese, for proteins. 

I threw a big handful of mixed greens (arugula, beet greens, baby chard and baby bok choy) on a plate and put about a third of the beets on top of the greens. Then I put the cooked chicken on top of that and drizzled fresh olive oil over the whole thing.

I washed an organic orange with soap, and rinsed it well, and then used a zester to scrape about a 1/4 of the peel of the orange over my plate. I rinsed a …

Healthy Soup for Dinner (and Lunches)

Often, I like to make a big pot of vegetable soup to keep in the refrigerator so I have something quick and easy for lunch during the week.

Today I cut up an onion and sauteed it in coconut oil while I chopped kale, celery, carrots, beet and ginger. I usually just use whatever vegetables I have on hand. Once the onion was cooked, I added the rest of the veggies and stirred it all up. 

Then I added about a teaspoon of Thai Sour Curry Paste, about an 1/8 teaspoon of tamarind paste and two handfuls of blueberries. I also added a can of salt-free garbanzo beans, rinsed.  I stirred that all up and added about a half gallon of water. I brought it to a boil and then let it simmer for about twenty minutes.

Then I put it in a bowl and served it with a handful of pumpkin seeds. I’ll have it tonight for dinner with a mixed green salad with avocado, cucumber and cheese. Yum.

I have plenty left for lunch for the next couple of days and each day I have it, I’ll dress it up with something different.…