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Goldfinger Again

River and I are planning another road trip.  This one will initiate in Cornelius, Oregon, where we'll be spending the weekend on a horse farm with Kevin Behan of Natural Dog Training fame.

Our proposed itinerary will look something like this (of course plenty of adjustments will likely be made as we secure dates across the country):

Oct 2-3   Boise, ID
Oct 4      Evanston, WY
Oct 5       Colorado
Oct 6     Lincoln, NE
Oct 7     Des Moines/ Iowa City
Oct 8     Cleveland, OH
Oct 9-14     NYC
Oct 15    NJ
Oct 16    Penn
Oct 17    Indianapolis, IN
Oct 18-19 Milwaukee, WI
Oct 20 St Cloud, MN
Oct 21   Bismarck, ND
Oct 22   Billings, MT
Oct 23    Missoula, MT
Oct 24   Eastern Washington/northern Idaho

I'll be bringing my Goldfinger routine and can teach it again at places that have already seen it.

I could also teach an extended immersion into the routine, which would be about 3-4 hours, or teach a "Learn the Routine" if there are enough interested teachers.

The dates above…