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"Ringers" - a short film-noir starring Jason Alan Griffin

Written and Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch

"Ringers" shows the nightmarish trip of a man whose little plan didn't turn out like he expected. Dikayl has created a world in which one is never sure what's real or what anyone is really up to; a world somewhere near the corner of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock.
Jason says, "When I first read this script at the audition, it read, to me like an episode of The Twilight Zone; and I loved that show growing up. I immediately knew I wanted to do this movie."
Dikayl has said that his choice in casting JAG, was mainly for his tendency to seem completely non-confrontational. He said that it was hard finding a New York actor who didn't read as 'tough' during those intense scenes.

Follow this link to view the movie.

Total running time: 16:24

The original title of this film was The Case.
Here is one of the first promo cards made:

Playwright John Gruen said, "Just saw "Ringers" -- totally terrifying.…

Books that Changed My Life

Here are some books that have changed my life:

I would consider them indispensable for anyone interested in running as a pastime. And especially long distance runners. "Born To Run" reminds us how having fun and not getting too serious will go a long way toward improving the longevity of your body and your running. And Body, Mind and Sport goes into the benefits of staying calm and relaxed, and actually improving your times and distances by training less hard.

I just recently started reading Born to Run, and immediately it was inspirational. Even though I'm not typically a runner, I have started to find myself breaking into a run at random times. The book talks about a tribe of people who run for 100 miles. Their perspective on running is that it is fun. It is a joy. It's playful. This whole new outlook on the practice of running makes it fun to do, so I just sometimes run to the corner instead of walking. I feel like a little boy again.

Written by a runner and…

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 - a new Vrschikasana

2009 is over.
What a year it was. The economy and my health have both seen better times.

But all things recover. We adapt. We change the rules. We change our behaviors. Our priorities change.

I love to change, I love to grow, and I love to learn and teach.

So, I taught myself a lesson by injuring my shoulder in January of 2009 and went "back to school" in the physical realm.

Turning lemons into lemonade, I built my body back, better, stronger and faster than it was before. I discovered the secrets to flexibility and the part that movement plays in healing. I gained an education about strength training that led to the creation of JAG Energy Flow and the JAGfit personal training program.

I could do over 200 pushups when 2009 began. In the spring of '09, I was in constant pain, taking aspirin and unable to lift my arm over my head. On my 43rd birthday, June 15, 09, I could do a plank, but not a full push up in good form. I had distorted my torso by favoring my uninjured sid…