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13 Tips for Budding Vagabond Nia Teachers

Several people have expressed interest in experiencing the nomadic Nia teacher lifestyle that I have been living since 2010 and have asked me for advice on how to make it work. I've come up with a list of 13 discoveries I've made about how to maximize joy on the road and how to make the most of this endeavor.

1- Do your homework beforehand.
Before I go on a trip, I spend about two months putting it together. I map out a desired route and then make notes of which cities and recreational sites I'll be passing through. I then contact Nia teachers in the cities and start a conversation about my visit. I also look into any interesting sites along the way and work those into my schedule as well.
By the time I'm hitting the road, I have all of my stops planned out. It takes a lot of anxiety off of me to know that I have a place to be every day.

2- Schedule breaks.
While in the planning phase, it's very exciting. And it's tempting to totally fill my schedule with a…