Friday, October 20, 2017

November Playshop: How to FreeDance

Have you ever felt lost when the teacher calls out "FreeDance!" in the middle of a Nia class?  Are you one of those that escape by getting a sip of water or hiding in the the back corner of the room until the choreography returns? Then you need this playshop. JAG has gone into the mind of a FreeDancer and will break down, step by step, what happens inside someone to allow them to FreeDance creatively for hours.
Learning these very simple tools will transform anyone into a passionate, creative, unstoppable FreeDancer. After this morning, you will no longer wonder what to do when the only direction is "FreeDance Everybody!" You will no longer run out of ideas and you will relish the opportunity to break into spontaneous FreeDance once you've learned these 'secrets'.
This is not the 8 Stages of FreeDance (which is for creating choreography) and it's not the Nia FreeDance class format which rellies on your ability to pull moves out of your back pocket. But this is literally the tools and techniques that are going on inside someone who loves to FreeDance.
Teachers: although this playshop is designed to address the needs of a student in a Nia class, it has proven to be invaluable information for any teacher hoping to inspire FreeDancing in their students. Using these tools, someone could easily guide themselves to FreeDance for hours, and similarly, the tools can also help teachers give a more supportive and inspirational experience of FreeDancing to their students in a classic Nia class or in a Nia FreeDance class. 
The first 90 minutes consists of JAG spelling out the ABCs, the "Nuts and Bolts" of the art of FreeDance. And after learning those, the last hour gives the students a wonderful opportunity to practice the art of "Anything Goes Movement Wise" in the context of a super-fun Nia class.
We'll be doing JAG's original "Woodstock Experience" routine which students all across the USA have been enjoying for years. It is a classic format Nia class, with the Focus on FreeDance, so there is plenty of opportunity to both enjoy JAGs choreography and break into FreeDance. 
If you already love FreeDance, you'll also really appreciate this work. It will undoubtedly give you more inspiration and increase your creative output.

The Playshop takes place at Balance Studio in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Balance Studio
418 N 35th St.

Sunday, November 5
9:00 am - 10:30am = Learn the Tools
10:30am - 11:30am = Practice the Tools in the classic format Nia routine, Woodstock Experience, created by JAG

You can either pay at the door or use the PayPal button below to pre-purchase, or to purchase JAGs Nia class cards.

Nia with JAG

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What is the Real Problem?

Pardon me while I rant for a bit:
If I meet violence with violence, then I've solved nothing but have simply continued the problem. When someone insults me, and my first reaction is to top them with a better, sharper barb, I stop and remind myself that I want to return love to them as they are showing me how much pain and conflict they have inside. Any retaliation would only make everything worse. I just got called a despicable apologist (and worse) for suggesting that to kill a Nazi makes one no better than the Nazi. I wish they could hear themselves saying "Killing Nazis? Count me in!" (Just substitute the word 'jew' or 'fag' for Nazi and you can start to hear yourself how I hear you.) One person was so deaf to his own rants that when he said that Nazis "deserved to die" because "they killed my people" he could not appreciate the reality that I pointed out, "by your logic, once you kill a Nazi, their families are completely justified in killing you." Where does it end?
It ends when someone decides to take the higher road and stop killing. It will be reliant on the more intelligent, the stronger and the more evolved among us to bring this to an end by refusing to lower themselves to the levels of the basic, ignorant, fearful murderers. We need to educate and nurture those that are so frightened that they forget that we're all humans and we all deserve to live in peace our own way, as long as we don't encroach on the life and liberty of others. And I'm talking about BOTH sides.
The people I was debating with today are otherwise decent, liberal people who seem to have lost their way and are so blinded by their rage that they actually believe it is OK to end the life of someone else as long as that person belongs to a group that has committed the same heinous crime of murder. I did my best to explain to them that anger, hatred and killing was the problem, not the solution, but I sadly bowed out when they saw my arguments as being sympathetic to Nazis and the attacks on me got personal.
So I am imploring all sane-minded liberals to keep their wits about them. Please avoid debasing yourself to epithets and, even worse, threats of physical violence. Otherwise you have no platform to stand on when you are behaving exactly like the people you claim to be in disagreement with.

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