Thursday, January 17, 2013

Demystify Free Dance - A Nia Playshop with JAG

FREE DANCE Demystified.
Free Dance is an important part of the Nia experience. But many students and teachers dread it, saying they feel ‘stuck’ or ‘foolish’ and many Nia teachers admit that they don’t really know how to guide a free dance so that they and their students feel safe and truly free. After this two hour playshop, you will never again feel intimidated by the idea of Free Dancing, whether you are a teacher or a student.

You will gain the tools you need to enjoy a truly effortless expressive and creative Free Dance. And teachers will gain the tools they need to guide their students with ease and to hold the space for a truly spirited Free Dance. It will not only unleash the creative dancer in you, but the freedom you gain will greatly improve the level of conditioning your body receives from your Nia classes.

Demystified:  A Nia FreeDance Playshop 
with Jason Alan Griffin, Nia Black Belt

Monday, April 1st, 2012 


Motion in Balance Studio 
219 Legion Way SW #203-A, 

$20 - preregistration required with Julia Annis call 360-229-6702

JAG says, "a big part of FreeDance is embracing your inner fool."

Past participants have said that they now LOOK FORWARD to the opportunities to Free Dance.  So come and spend April Fool’s Day with JAG and you will never feel bad about acting like a fool again. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Learn Prana with JAG in NYC

Debbie Rosas created a delicious routine called Prana. The focus was on using the breath and the music was all from a single album called Sacred Spirits.
The music is a gorgeous blend of Native American music, string instrumentation and modern techno beats. And the movements are simple and powerful.  The used CD can be purchased on for less than $5. 
In the movements, a lot of attention is given to balancing on one leg and using the exhale to find support. I love how this routine can really amp up but then it really slows down right in the middle to offer a truly dynamic experience of being connected to our center.
The routine was retired to the vault many years ago and is no longer available as an option for teachers, but it is still enjoyed immensely by those teachers who were around back then, and their lucky students.

Now I’m bringing Prana out of the vault. 
Come and spend eight hours with me over one weekend.  We will immerse ourselves in the Prana routine and you will be able to add yourself to the list of teachers who teach this classic routine. It is a distinctly unique routine and would be a great addition to anyone’s repertoire. 
The playshop will be held in several locations in Manhattan. On Friday evening, starting at 6pm, we’ll meet at Ripley-Grier Studio on Eighth Ave near 35th St. and we'll listen to the CD. Once we’ve heard the music, we’ll get out our pens and paper and go over the bars. We’ll have my original bars to work from and will spend Friday customizing your copy so that your music notation makes sense to you. We’ll go through the whole CD four times in total on Friday night. Both listening passively and going through and barring and flowering. Both styles of listening have proven valuable in my experience. By 10pm on Friday night you will be very familiar with the music. 
The next evening, we’ll be at W 72nd St near Columbus Ave. from 4pm to 8pm. At four I’ll teach the routine to you, so you'll have the experience of the routine as a student.  We’ll then spend the next three hours reviewing all of the movements and practicing the katas. I’ll point out important music cues and we'll all be quite familiar with the moves by the time we break for the evening.
Before we go home on Saturday, we’ll divvy up the songs so that each participant will have the opportunity to teach part of the routine the next day. On Sunday morning , we’ll have a Prana Jam at a beautiful uptown studio called Bridge For Dance at Broadway and 104th St. We’ll invite the community and you and I and all the playshop participants will co-teach Prana. Invite all of your friends and students for the official re-unveiling of this wonderful routine. The Jam admission will be $5.
I’ve worked out the weekend so that after we review the music, you’ll have plenty of time to review on your own. I have found that much learning takes place afterwards, as the things we've been presented sink into our consciousness.   After the weekend, you’ll have had quite an extensive exposure to the routine. If you’re not teaching it right away, it shouldn’t take much more practice before you are. 
I’m thrilled to be re-introducing this routine to the New York Nia community.
Playshop hours:
Friday, February 1, 6pm - 10pm - MUSIC, 8BCs, barring and flowering
Saturday, February 2 4pm - 8pm MOVEMENT, kata breakdown and movement intimacy
Sunday, February 3, 10am - 11am MAGIC, Prana: A Nia Jam
COST: $85
Group Discount: if we get six or more people signed up, I’ll give a $10 rebate to every participant. So encourage your colleagues to join us. 
Register now to ensure your space.

Sunday's Prana Jam is open to the public. The cost is $5. Everyone is welcome, please invite your friends and your students.