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Sometimes my life's a cruel and painful joke;
Conspiring against me and only me.
Well it's not funny and I've had enough.
Uncle! I give up!
Uncle! I give up!

Dreaming about disappearing disconnecting retreating.
Romanticizing hermitizing in a far-off grotto.
I anathematize the modern age; help me, I cry, now.
But when you notice I'm gone, well you know why, now.
I fantasize, I comminate, but don't try to get out. WOW!
Not surprising that I can't figure out how.

Don't come looking for me.
Don't come looking for me.

Things that normal people find useful- for me, unusable
Daily objects that work fine for them give me heartache no end.
The label says it's easy to connect, NOT easy at all.
the dogma is that you can plug it right into your phone; bullshit.
I commiserate with friends, but learn it works just fine for them.
"I don't know what to tell you. That's not happening for me bro."

Frustrated enough to commit uncharacteristic sins

Eat the Art

peel the carrots
carve the bird
baked to juicy, golden brown

chop the onions
soak the beans
filteredwaterrinse the greens

juice a lemon
add a fig
salt and pepper, parsley sprig

with fresh ginger,
let it sit
until it's aromatic

berries, kale, creme brûlée!
avocado, curds and whey!
sweet potatoes, fish filet!
rice pilaf, fois gras pate!

preserve the beets
stew the prunes
blend the celery, butter scones

pinch of basil
top with cream
zest of fresh-picked tangerine

grind the pepper
shuck the corn
brew the coffee (keep it warm)

sprouted almonds
black eyed peas
cauliflower cheddar cheese

berries, kale, creme brûlée!
avocado, curds and whey!
sweet potatoes, fish filet!
rice pilaf, fois gras pate!
sausage, eggplant, rhubarb pie!
sauté, simmer, broil and fry!

French toast, German
chocolate cake
Jerusalem artichoke

capon, crouton
Grey Poupon
ketchup, mustard, provolone

berries, kale, creme brûlée
avocado, curds and whey
sweet potatoes, fish filet
rice pilaf, fois gras pate
sausage, eggplant,…

No One's An Asshole

No one's an asshole, my dear brothers and sisters.
To all those I've bitten, cutting my teeth,
Thank you for helping me learn and grow.
Mistakes can be our wisest teachers.

No one's an asshole;
We all do our best but see different worlds.

Sometimes I don't know how far is too far
Until I've stepped on your toes finding my path.
My intentions were never to cause pain;
but hurt happens when our world views don't match.

No one's an asshole;
We're all here to help each other find our way.

Grateful for those whom I've pissed off to the point
That they school me on exactly what they think.
To those who've let loose when I was an ass in their eyes,
I regret saying, or thinking, that you're the jerk.

No one's an asshole;
Everyone is scared and looking out for themselves.

I know not to hold it against your character;
Selfishness is the human default setting.
We can all give and receive permission to flub.
Forgiveness is the more spirited path.

It's a Dog's Life (River's)

River recently had his sixth birthday, so here is a brief look back at his life.

The first 8 months or so of his existence are not known to me exactly, but I've put together a picture, based on his behavior and idiosyncrasies.

Born in January and mostly likely separated from his mother at an early age, he was encouraged to fight with other dogs. Due to a genetic knee deformity, he experienced a great deal of pain in the rear legs. Sitting and lying down properly were too uncomfortable and running for any length of time resulted in days of limping afterwards. He was probably, therefore, not a good fighter. He was smacked on the head by a big man who drank; sometimes using his hands and sometimes a broomstick. In August, he was tied to a stairwell in a park near the waterfront and abandoned. By the time he was discovered there and taken into the animal shelter, he was gaunt and his ribs, hips and vertebrae were visible under his skin.

I found him in the shelter almost immediate…


stilldead crow on the January sidewalk
"that never happens," "I know!"
stop and say
eulogy over a crow

de-murdered/ exposed/ left frozen alone
in peaceful eternal repose
stop and play
requiem for a crow

wings unflapped grey eyes staring forever
talons in their final unclutch stop and pay homage to a crow

sing, savor each crumb, love life now and now
as kak always flows to shava
take away
a token from a crow