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I have put together a remarkable, 12-week fitness program targeted to meet the unique and specific needs of performing artists. My JAGfit program meets three times per week for 12 weeks. Each week we’ll have an Energy Flow session which is devoted to strength building and fat burning, one Yoga Tune Up® session which is devoted to stretching and toning muscles and joints for optimum functionality and one Nia session which is devoted to creative, expressive movement. The combination of these sessions establishes a superior level of fitness and will translate into being ‘at ease’ in one’s own body, moving gracefully and being fully, emotionally present in one’s body while moving.

Although this program was put together specifically for the actor and other performing artists, it is certainly appropriate for the general population, too. Performing artists have to rise to some specific challenges and demands in order to excel in their craft. They must be able to move freely and easily, w…

notes from Bliss Out Playshop - March 2010

We spent two hours rolling out our muscles using the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls. There were moments of sweet agony, anxiety sweat and endorphin highs. My goal was that the playshop inspires you to make a daily habit of exploring ways to roll out your tension.

First, a bit about the use and care of the balls. With a bit more give than a tennis ball, the soft, pliable rubber texture of these balls perfectly mimic the touch of a human. Being a natural material, they will decompose over time. You may notice them becoming softer and softer over time and eventually you’ll want to replace them. You can prolong their life by keeping them away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. So don’t store them outside, or in your car, or leave them sitting out all day. I keep mine wrapped in my yoga blanket.

As I have said, the balls will tend to release your muscle tension pretty instantaneously. If you’re working on a muscle that doesn’t seem to be giving up, it may be a sign that ther…