Thursday, November 30, 2017

January Playshop: Dance Wild -- Reflexive Conditioning

On the first Sunday of 2018, January 7, JAG is going to throw a "Wild" party at Balance Studio in Fremont. We'll meet at 9:00am and go through all of the moves of the routine.

photo by Sandra Caldwell
NiaSeattle teacher Jam, Fall 2017
First we'll Learn them and then Move them. This will all be done without music so that we can take our time and really appreciate the structure of each move and kata. We will also be having a conversation about reflexive conditioning as we go through the routine.

And then, at 10:30 we'll do the Wild routine all the way through with music and enjoy the opportunity to Energize all of the movements. The focus of the routine is on Reflexive Conditioning.

Reflexive Conditioning is one of the four types of conditioning that Nia offers and one that is often overlooked. Nia encourages us to exercise with fluid ease, softness and gentleness, but it's also just as valuable and important to engage the nervous system with suddenness, surprise, sharpness and intensity. Life isn't always gentle and easy, and if we're only conditioned for that, we'll be taken by surprise when life throws something unexpected at us. The sudden, explosive movements that show up all throughout the Wild routine, condition our ability to act quicker than we can think so that we can immediately recover when we slip on the ice or misjudge the height of a step or to react when something falls on us or we have to catch something. If we have been conditioning our reflexes, we can gracefully maneuver through those situations as a part of life, but if our reflexes are slow and soft, they could spell injurious disaster.

This playshop will teach us how to engage and sharpen our reflexes and will be a great primer for the Wild routine for any student of Nia or any teacher as well. No prior experience is needed, but if you are learning the routine, this experience will certainly help cement it in your body.

Debbie Rosas will be in town the day before, teaching the very same work in an afternoon workshop at Blue Heron Ranch in Sammamish. That event goes from 2pm - 5pm and costs $99. The one on Sunday with JAG is 9am - 11:30am for $20 and can stand alone or would be a wonderful supplement to spending the previous afternoon with Debbie. It'll be a WILD weekend! Contact Randee Fox or click here to register for the Saturday playshop with Debbie Rosas, co-creator of Nia and choreographer of the Wild routine.

Use the PayPal button below to register for the Wild Party the 'day after' with JAG on Sunday, January 7. You can also pay at the door. JAG's students can use their class card and just pay $5 for the playshop.

Nia with JAG

Thursday, November 16, 2017

December Playshop: Martial Arts of Nia

Nia draws from the influence of several Martial Arts, Healing Arts and Dance Arts.  For the December Playshop of the Month, JAG will focus on the three Martial Arts that Nia borrows from:

Tai Chi - "The Slow Dance"

Tae Kwon Do - "The Dance of Precision"

Aikido - "Harmonious, Spherical Action"

If you think that the Martial Arts is just about throwing blocks and kicks, then you will definitely benefit from this playshop that discusses and explores how we get the power of moving slowly, shifting our weight, traveling in directions, stabilizing, grounding, centering, conditioning and healing our bodies form the Martial Arts.

In addition to a brief overview of proper body mechanics, we will also have a visceral experience of many aspects that make Nia such a unique and powerful practice.

The first 90 minutes of class will focus on each of the three Martial Arts, and the final hour will be a class in which we can appreciate all of the Slowness, Precision and Harmony that we have learned from Martial Arts.

This is not advanced, athletic, level 3 or high-energy. This is an informative, instructional playshop. Anyone, of any fitness level, is welcome and will benefit from attending. Do not be alarmed by the prospect of 2 1/2 hours of Martial Arts. If that concerns you and you fear you may not be able to keep up, then it is a good indication that you need this information and will benefit from learning what Martial Arts energy actually is and how it related to our everyday Nia practice.

If you have a class card with JAG, you can use one chit and pay an extra $5 for the playshop, or you can pay the very low price of $20 which includes the 90 minutes of instruction and the one-hour class.  Feel free to pay at the door or use PayPal to pre-register.

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted at the door.

Nia with JAG