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Spirit Bird

The Spirit Bird routine was created by JAG with the spirit of collaboration. As JAG describes it, "I feel like I gave this routine a few sparks in the community and created the space for this routine to manifest itself. A strong 'bird' motif showed up as I created the playlist and then the concept of 'flight' in our movement naturally followed." Spirit Bird is an empowering and freeing routine focused on the Ground in order to give our bodies Flight.

The focus of the routine is on The Sensation of Grounded, which is an awareness of the relationship between the foot and the earth. The intent is to use the power of the Ground to find Mobility, Strength Agility, Flexibility and Stability. It is a lovely opportunity to explore the Three Planes of Movement and a great chance to use awareness of your Levels One, Two and Three to find a relaxed powerful flight.

Flight can be described as feeling heavy on the outside but light on the inside. Or magnetically attached …