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JAG & River's Amazing Epic Odyssey 2016

This is the seventh year that I have travelled around the USA as a vagabond Nia teacher, and the sixth year that River has accompanied me. It is the most ambitious schedule I've mapped out yet. I will make over 115 stops on this trip. I had originally intended to visit the entire country in one outing, but it turned out to make more sense to include a one week stay in Seattle in late July.

First, I'll follow the coast all along the west, south and east, looping up as far north as New York City. then, I'll jaunt to Chicago, and begin to follow Route 66 all the way back to California. There will be a brief detour to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks along the way for the Fourth of July with Zeke.

Then, I'll make my way back to Seattle, visiting Nevada City, CA and Bend, OR on the way. After a brief respite at home, I'll traverse across the middle of the country, visiting Boise, Boulder, Lincoln, Kansas City and Iowa City and Cleveland.  Then it's once again t…