Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Relax into Personal Power - Kansas City

First Degree Black Belt Nia teacher Jason Alan Griffin (JAG) is coming to Kansas City and teaming up with Brown Belt Nia teacher Marcelle Rudnick to present a sensational workshop.

Relax into Personal Power

Do you like the idea of your own Personal Power?
Would you love to be able to increase your power by relaxing?

Using JAG's latest routine, Frankie Say Nia, which is a fun, quirky and exhilirating blend of songs from the "New Wave" musical movement of the early 80's, JAG and Marcelle intend to teach how by using our Arms and Hands and the sensation of Touching, we can increase our own Personal Power during Nia classes and out in the world, as well.

Check out this video showing JAG in his home in Seattle as he plays around with some of the music and movements that you'll see in his Frankie Say Nia routine.

In the Kansas City workshop, Marcelle will show us how we can increase our ease and power by sensing our hand and arm movements, and especially by tuning into our sense of touch. It will be an enlightening lesson by a local teacher who loves the work of Nia for its combination of magic and power.

And then JAG will bring what we learned into the context of the Nia routine, Frankie Say Nia.  He will break down all of the moves in the routine while we discuss all of the opportunities to use what Marcelle taught us. What we will learn and practice is a basic philosophy of the Nia technique: That as a student you always have a Choice! And Choice is what allows each person in class to have whatever experience they want and need.

As we go through the details of the routine, we will discuss the ways in which you might personalize the movements. And we'll see how each choice you make regarding how you personalize the movement in class will help guide you toward having your best experience. In this way, you are in control of what you get out of class, and in Nia we call that your Personal Power.

The focus of the routine is on the Creative Arm and Hand Expressions and the Intent is to Relax into Personal Power. We'll have lots of fun and discoveries along the way.

No experience is required; we will give you everything you need to enjoy your Personal Power right away.

4:00 pm - 5:15 pm  -- Embodied Play with Senses w/Marcelle


5:30 pm - 6:45 pm  -- Embodied Learn with Movements from Frankie Say Nia w/JAG


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm  -- Nia class - "Frankie Say Nia" routine w/JAG

DATE: Thursday, April 23

TIME: 4 pm - 8 pm

PLACE: Arbor Vitae Yoga and Wellness Center
               7235 Central St, Kansas City, MO

COST: $44 (at the door)
            $39 (if pre-registered before 4/16)

Save $5 by registering in advance.
Use this link to register on-line, or contact Marcelle to pre-register in person.

See you there!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Frankie Say Nia Birthday Bash

June 15 is my birthday.

The information about this playshop has been modified since this page was published. I edited the contents of this page to reflect the changes and I've also created an entirely new page. Please visit this page for the most accurate information.
To celebrate, I don't want presents or cake.  But I am putting together a playshop and I'd love for you to join me.

Frankie Say Nia is a classic Nia routine using all 80's New Wave music.
The focus of the routine is on Creative Arm and Hand Expressions and the intent is to Relax into Personal Power.

I have reserved the beautiful Century Ballroom on Saturday, June 13 from Noon to 4pm.

I want to start the day by doing the routine and then a bit of freedancing and a choreography jam. 

Part of what I'm doing this year is co-creating my next year's routine with communities across the country. Each community will choose their representative songs and then we'll play with them together until we come up with something that will end up as part of my 2016 routine. So, of course I want Seattle to be one of the represented communities. We will play around with the songs for a while and find the 'clicks' to settle on some choreography. I can teach a bit about how choreography is created, Nia style, or we can all share our insights for artistic creation.

Then I plan to do a Frankie Say Nia learn the moves session after we have created the choreography for next year. In this session I will not only be breaking down the choreography to the routine, but also offering lots of insight into how we use the focus and intent. I will show exactly how we use the Creative Arm and Hand Expressions and the concept of Form and Freedom to make Choices to Manifest High Magic and claim our Personal Power.  As a group, we can choose which song or songs from Frankie Say Nia that we want to learn.

 Here is a sampling of some of the choreography from the first song of the routine, "Cars" by Gary Numan.

I had originally intended to charge a fee for this playshop, but since it's my birthday I wanted to give it as a gift to the community. So please ignore the pricing information below. I will be 'passing the hat' at the event in case anyone feels they want to give a donation to the JAG & River Road Fund. It is not required, but it is helpful in assuaging the cost of gas and lodging while presenting my work across the USA.

Frankie Say Nia is a quirky fun routine with great, familiar alternative hit songs.

The cost of the four hour celebration is only $45. But if you sign up and pay in advance, you can get it for only $39.

Frankie Say Nia Birthday Bash

Use the Buy Now button above to pre-register and save through Pay Pal. If you need to make other arrangements to pay in advance, please contact me directly.

You are also welcome to show up at the door and pay $45 on the day of the event. The discount for pre-registration ends on June 6.