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GOLDFINGER tour 2014

For the past few years I’ve been a vagabond Nia teacher. Choosing not to have regular Nia classes in the city I call home (Seattle) and instead taking extended road trips with my dog, River, to share my Nia talents from town to town across the USA.
I have been a Nia teacher since I got my White Belt in 1996. I achieved Black Belt in 2003 and this year I am fresh from getting my First Degree Black Belt. I'm so thrilled about this new level of mastery of Nia and I'm eager to share my new artistry and genius with anyone who's interested.

This year I’m focused on sharing my Nia routine called GOLDFINGER. I created it when I was inspired by hearing the album, Shirley Bassey: The Remix Album: Diamonds Are Forever. There are three James Bond movie theme songs and many other great Shirley Bassey hits remixed into exciting dance jams. When I first heard the album, I knew it was perfect for a Nia class. It was simple to add moves that are classic Nia with my si…