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The two new routines I have for 2018 are Blue Earth and Spirit Bird.

Blue Earth is a collaboration. It was created through a project I initiated on Facebook so that I could co-create with Nia teachers all over the world. What we put together is a wonderful routine, with a focus on the Sensation of Feet Touching Earth and the intention to both Relax into and Generate Power from the Steps and Stances. I have also used a focus on Feldenkrais Technique with the intention to invite Ease and increase Range of Motion.  It uses great music and fun movements, some familiar and some new. Further descriptions of the Blue Earth routine are here. 

Spirit Bird is a routine that I created on my own, except that I included two songs that were created in Choreography Playshops. This is my newest creation and I'm sure it will grow and change as I teach it more. But at this time, the focus is on the Low Middle and High planes with the intention being to Sense Grounded Flight in our movement. 

The feeling of Spirit Bird is being on the ground but flying. It is the sensation of being heavy on the outside and light on the inside. It is the duality of physical and spiritual and the paradox of peaceful chaos. 

The music has a strong bird theme including "Spirit Bird" by Xavier Rudd, "Bird" by Dead Can Dance, "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley, "Little Birdie" by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, and other songs that allude to flying such as "Butterfly" by Xavier Rudd and "Superhero" by Kormac. This routine will give you the sensation that it's good to be alive and the idea that you're something special. By the time we step out of this routine you'll feel like a new star in the sky. 

In addition to these two offerings, I can also teach any of my older material, including:
Fantastic - an adaptation of Carlos' "Fantasia" routine
Profound - an adaptation of Winalee's "Deep Dive" routine
Orchestra - classic Nia set to all Classical music
Amazing - a cross-country multi-Nia community collaboration, a Nia trip across the USA.
Woodstock - a Nia recreation of the famous 1960's New York music festival
Goldfinger - a 007 Nia class featuring all music by Shirley Bassey
FloorPlay - a whole class devoted to playing on the floor

In addition to single class routines, I can teach full workshops on many topics.
Here are some examples, but I can teach on just about any topic related to Nia and/or fitness.

The Yin-Yang of Nia
How to FreeDance (the nuts and bolts of letting go)
Creating Nia Choreography
Honing the Martial Arts of Nia
Nurturing the Healing Arts of Nia
JAG's 13 Principles of Being a Good Nia Student
The Art of Joy: JAG's 13 Principles of Happiness

Please choose from the list above or ask me about anything you'd like to know. All of the above playshops were created when someone spoke up about a need they wanted met and I put the material together. So if you don't see what you think you might like to see, please let me know.


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