I have put together a remarkable, 12-week fitness program targeted to meet the unique and specific needs of performing artists. My JAGfit program meets three times per week for 12 weeks. Each week we’ll have an Energy Flow session which is devoted to strength building and fat burning, one Yoga Tune Up® session which is devoted to stretching and toning muscles and joints for optimum functionality and one Nia session which is devoted to creative, expressive movement. The combination of these sessions establishes a superior level of fitness and will translate into being ‘at ease’ in one’s own body, moving gracefully and being fully, emotionally present in one’s body while moving.

Although this program was put together specifically for the actor and other performing artists, it is certainly appropriate for the general population, too. Performing artists have to rise to some specific challenges and demands in order to excel in their craft. They must be able to move freely and easily, which requires the body to be strong and flexible. They must be able to project with a loud and relaxed voice, while moving freely, and must be able to use their bodies to express emotion.

Being creative while being “in the body” is a skill that can be developed.
This program will develop that skill and, at the same time, improve all-around fitness

During the course we’ll have many sessions devoted to:
Voice control
Breath strength and control
Body strength
Easy, flowing movement
Expressive, creative movement
Emotionally connected movement

We’ll have sessions devoted to:

Tai Chi movement
Alexander Technique
the work of Moishe Feldenkrais
Ai Ki Do movement
Tae Kwon Do movement
Jazz dance
Modern dance
Free dancing
X-ray Anatomy
Five Stages of Self Healing and Human Development based on Stanley Keleman's Emotional Anatomy work

We’ll focus on:

Gaining useable strength
Losing excess fat
Improving flexibility
Moving with ease and confidence
Being connected to our bodies in a creative, loving way

By the end of the 12 weeks you will have:
Learned many techniques for meditation / relaxation
Learned warm up and cool down techniques that you can use before and after rehearsal or performance
Learned proper body mechanics for moving the:
Focused on the base (legs and hips)
Focused on the core (spine, pelvis, chest and head)
Focused on the shoulders, arms and hands
Your own workout program that requires no equipment and that you can take with you to stay in shape on the road; even when there is no gym available
Learned and perfected a full, personal yoga practice

This program can also include an optional “Bliss Out” workshop on self-massage using therapy balls. Anyone attending the workshop will receive a pair of these fantastic self-care tools to keep. This technique replicates a full body, deep tissue massage and is indispensable for anyone who works with their body and needs move freely, easily and pain-free.

Here is an example of what a Nia class could be like:

Here is a video with testimonials of students of Yoga Tune Up®

And here is a description of what the Energy Flow workout is like and where it came from:

Attendance to every session is not required, however, for the best results, one would attend every session. Missing sessions now and then will not prevent anyone from gaining and improving fitness and learning valuable information, skills and tools that will be useful throughout their career and their lives.

This program is valued at $900 without the Bliss Out workshop. With the workshop the value is $950.

I am offering this to theater companies free of charge!

Here’s what I need to make it work:

You supply the space. A rehearsal room is ideal. Ideally, it would have sprung wood floors and at least one mirrored wall, but that’s not crucial. I would like to have 2000 square feet, but again, I can often make it work with what you have.

There are no costs for you. Anyone from your staff or company is eligible to participate. I just ask that each person registers with me and pays a one-time $15 registration fee. Anyone who isn’t a company or staff member can participate at my regular class rate.

The way I am able to offer this program to your company free of charge is by inviting students in from the general public who would pay my regular class rate. I typically have an average of 2 to 5 students per class. I will bill these students directly.

Please consider how beneficial this program would be to your company. Administrative staff members would also benefit a great deal. Studies have shown that regular exercise improves mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety and improves work performance. Other benefits include improved sleep, improved digestion and more energy throughout the day. Having a complete fitness program on location helps improve consistency which, in turn, improves results.

Get in touch with me and let’s talk about getting this program going at your theater.

All the best


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