2017 Offerings

Here's what's on the menu for JAG TOUR 2017
Studio Nia, Santa Fe, 2016

This year, I've created two new Nia routines.  Both of them are adaptations of older routines.

Fantastic - (new for 2017)
Inspired by the movements from the classic Carlos Rosas routine, "Fantasia,"  Fantastic is a JAG original routine that uses Carlos' classic choreography in an almost song-for-song adaptation. Some of the featured artists in this routine are Goldfrapp, Macy Gray, Talking Heads, Basement Jaxx and others. It also contains a three-song tribute to the career of David Bowie, from Space Oddity to Heroes to Blackstar.

Profound - (New for 2017)
Another adaptation, this time of Winalee Zeeb's recent routine, Deep Dive.  Profound sets her wonderful liquid choreography to new music from Xavier Rudd, Imogen Heap, Propellerhead (featuring Shirley Bassey), Beats Antique and others.

Both adaptation routines use mostly modern, popular music from this millennium, with an ear toward ethnic eclecticism.

I am also willing to teach any of my original routines that I've brought around in the past, including:
Rockin - (2012)

Goldfinger (2013)

Woodstock Experience - (2014)

Frankie Say Nia - (2015)

Orchestra - (2016)

Amazing - (2016) 

JAG's FloorPlay - (2015)
Corpus Christi, TX

I'd really love to stay a few hours and teach a full playshop, too. I'm open to suggestions on subject matter, but I'm prepared with a few idea as well:

Finding Balance with Yin and Yang
I originally put this playshop together by request for last year's Men of Nia event in Santa Fe. It was a hit and it was suggested that I expand on the work and continue to present it. So that's what this is. It is an exploration of what exactly we mean when we say "Yin" and "Yang". We'll discover why we want to seek a balance between them and how to do so in the context of a Nia class and beyond, into life.

Honing the Martial Arts in Nia 
In this one, we'll get clear on the architecture, science, art, and craft of the three martial arts that influence and inform the Nia technique; specifically AiKiDo, Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi.  We'll spend time embodying each movement form and also have an experience of them in the context of a routine. I could easily teach a workshop on any of the three "arts", but this is the one where I felt there was the most need for practice and clarity based on what I've seen across the country.

The Joy of FreeDance
Last fall, I got certified as a Nia FreeDance DJ, and for the past several years, I've taught an informative playshop on the Nuts and Bolts of FreeDance. So this year, I'd love to combine them into a full Nia FreeDance playshop and class experience. The Nuts and Bolts playshop is intended for people who are paralyzed with fear and uncertainty around FreeDance, but who want to break through their own limitations.  It is not the eight stages of FreeDance and it is not anything that we've covered in any of the intensives. The playshop is my work. I put it together to help people who say they don't know what to do when it comes time to FreeDance. I can teach anyone exactly how to FreeDance by breaking down and spelling out what goes on inside the mind of someone who is FreeDancing.  After participating in this playshop, students will never again wonder what to do, movement wise. They will no longer run and sip their water to wait for the choreography to return. We can cap off the playshop with a full Nia FreeDance Class experience.

Community Choreography Creation Playshop
If you're unaware of the 2015 CNS project that became the community co-created routine called "Amazing" which I presented in 2016, you can read about it here. This year, I am putting it out there again. I'm not sure what will come of it, but any community that wants to play with co-creating choreography for possible inclusion in a new JAG Nia routine, let's do it. Basically, we choose a song and play with it for a few hours until we find the choreography together. It is an incredibly satisfying, enriching and inspiring experience to co-create with friends and classmates.


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