Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants


I'm having such a great time working with Duncan Pflaster, playwright and director of a wonderfully, smart and zany play. The cast he's assembled is very talented and brave and really nice people, as well. I feel a little bit like I'm letting the cast down in a way, by not being as funny as they are. I try to tell myself, "My character is just not one of the wackier characters. He's largely a voice-of-reason and used heavily for exposition."

But then, its hard not to wonder, "If my role were being played by Chris Cariker, would he be more funny?"

In any case... Were I not in this play I would love to see it. I can't wait until it opens. The costumes are promising to be quite delicious as the Broadway Bares costumer David Withrow is on board with us. Here is a link to our media page:

The nudity doesn't bother me. I'm not embarrased or frightened by being nude or being seen nude. People often tell me I'm brave, but I have to say, "No. I'm not brave for doing this. Bravery is facing something difficult or frightening without being afraid. And since I'm not scared of being nude, I'm not brave." But, actually, I looked up "BRAVE" in the dictionary and the second definition listed says "making a fine appearance" So, I may have to reconsider the way I'm accepting those compliments. :)


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