Nude Stretching

I never thought I’d do something like this.
But over the years many people have suggested that I make a Nude Stretching Video.  I guess the fact that I’m comfortable with nudity and with my body and that I’m a fitness pro with a passion for helping people made it seem like a no-brainer that I create something like this.  But I’ve been resistant to doing it for a long time; for fear (I guess) of what the more conservative people might think. 
Now, finally, I’ve succumbed to the requests and put something together.  You conservative people will just have to look the other way. :)
Now, I haven’t made an X-rated video here; I'm just nude and I'm stretching.  It's completely natural. This video blends a smart, educational stretching session with  “Warhol-like” video interludes accentuating an eroticized appreciation of the male form.  My intention was that it could be enjoyed on two levels. The free-style, hand-held segments demonstrate the positions from all angles and create an intimacy with the body as I demonstrate the stretches. And the instructional sections will help you get the most out of your own stretching routine.

You can use this 43 minute video over and over again. It demonstrates a full-body stretching sequence with specific guidelines and tips for making sure you stretch effectively and safely. There is also plenty of skin. 

Please use the Buy Now button below to purchase.  Once you’ve completed your transaction you will be immediately directed to your video and you could be watching it within a few minutes.
Jason Alan Griffin

JAG Video


Anonymous said…
I just watched it! I love it! Hot and informative! :) You're the best Jason Alan Griffin! You really know the body, how it works and moves and demonstrate some great stretches!
Alex said…
this video very expensive. And very low quality. I do not understand what he showed us. He erased what I wrote. Education also very low. I wanted to ask, you have to decrease the price of this video. $19.99 is enough.
Alex, the stretches are demonstrated and explained very clearly in the video, and I have shown variations for different levels of people's flexibility. I don't agree that the education is very low. I have a degree in exercise science and 15 years of experience in the field of exercise and as a fitness professional. The fact that you do not understand what I show is not due to any shortcomings in the video or the teachings. While I will admit that there are sections where the camera work is less than professional, I don't feel it undermines the quality of the instruction, which is what you seem to have an issue with. I do feel that the quality of the stretching routine is high and the instruction is clear and complete. However, if you have questions on any of the stretches or the routine, please ask me and I will happily help guide you to a better understanding of it.
Anonymous said…
eThanks for a very informative and easy to understand video.... and what a great added bonus to have such an attractive instructor to boot
Anonymous said…
Hey Jason, I just bought your video and watched it. Wow, it's so hot. I'm sure I'll watching it over and over again. And I learned things, too. Thanks for the good instruction. It will be very helpful. And you're not too bad to look at, either.
Unknown said…
For me the video is excellent. I'm new to stretching but recognize the need to keep my body limber and flexible, especially with age. My issue has always been lack of motivation (lazy?) ... I know the benefits of stretching but just never got around to doing any. Sadly I'm not much for physical workouts, etc. But even if I was motivated, I would not know how & where to start a stretching routine. So having you nude and giving instruction and demonstration on basic stretching exercises in real time is the perfect combo for me. I very much appreciate that body of yours and love the many close shots in the vid. Awesome. Very enjoyable for me. But after that, it was great and easy to follow along with what you are doing on the screen with each stretch. I've gone thru the routine only twice so far. Definitely love to "feel" the stretch especially in my tight hips. The second time thru was slightly better & easier than the first time when I had to keep looking at the screen to see if I had the correct hand, foot, position, whatever. You have a great positive energy and body that communicate well thru with the video medium. In fact the only change that I could suggests would be to take out the squeaking sounds from the wood flooring in part of the video and to consider doing a second (next level) stretching nude vid.

Thanks for sharing with the video. I'm very pleased with this purchase. Didn't mean to ramble on so much. But it is a great tape.
Tetuwan Okshila said…
The best thing about you and the way you exercise is how it incorporates so evidently the mind, body, spirit connection. With clothes on, that is not nearly as visible. As a visual artist, I see everything about the male body as an expression of spirit and your video is such a clear demonstration of this. Love ya. :)
Alex said…
Hi, Jason! I wanted to talk about video quality, it was not your exercise. Your exercise is very good, but recording quality is low and has noise. Video quality is not good this is not worth $ 97.00 is too expensive.
but I agree with your technique is good I like it.
I'm a bit baffled by your comments.

In your first comment you say "education also very low" which I take issue with because I feel that the instructions were very clear, I was giving guidelines for different levels of ability and the demonstrations were precise. The program was carefully put together to be a progression and to address all of the major muscles. I am absolutely confident that it is very, high quality instruction. This is what I've been doing for a living for the past 15 years, so I know what I'm doing is valuable.

But then in the second comment you say that your issue isn't with the instruction, but now it's with the lighting and the sound?

So, how is this a surprise to you? I put together a video teaser showing clips directly from the video. I did this so there would be no mystery what filming style I was using.

You may not appreciate my shooting style, but that doesn't devalue the work, and the fact that I'm bearing myself completely. You're paying for my instruction, and for the novelty of me teaching in the nude.

I have checked my records and I don't show having sold the video to anyone named "Alex" so maybe you're just trolling and spamming, but in order to give you the benefit of the doubt, I will make you this offer:

Please send me an email, using the receipt you were send when purchasing this video. Please describe to me what you expected to see, and how you came to this conclusion, especially after reading the blog entry and seeing the video on the page you needed to be on to order the product. Then, please tell me what prompted you to purchase the video. If you tell me all of those things, I will appreciate it a great deal. And I will respond and do my best to make the situation right in your eyes.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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