Nude Modeling - Part 2

The Angelo Musco shoot was a blast, even though it did start raining and actually get pretty cold for a few minutes.  It was fun to play around in the chrome bottomed pool on top of an eleven story downtown building.  It was almost a shame that the photos were only of the underwater environment because the view from the pool was breathtaking.  The edge of the pool disappeared over the edge of the building and it seemed like you were sitting in a pool of water magically floating amongst the downtown high-rise landscape.  The sky was a steel grey and a light rain left droplets on the pools surface as we got our instructions:
1-float around, making shapes with our bodies.
2-don't make "underwater / holding breath" expressions
3-interact with the other bodies
4-entice the camera to join you

He plans to use all of the images he took to wallpaper the inside of a gallery giving the viewer the impression that he/she is underwater and being beckoned to enter further into the watery world.
Gallery opening in April in Chicago. Check out the finished product on Angelo's website.


J.Stephen said…
I never know if you are swimming or flying, but I love to watch either way.

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