Daily Habit for Health

One of the best things you can do for your long-term health is to create a brief daily ritual of self care. It should be something that allows your breath, body and mind to move toward a place of comfort and relaxation.

One example of such a routine is this:
Place a blanket on the floor and sit on it. Breathe slowly and deeply while performing the following movements. Rotate the right ankle a few times in each direction and then repeat with the other ankle. Bend the right knee, bringing your heel toward your buttocks and then extend the leg again. Repeat a few times on each leg. Sitting tall, with your arms and legs outstretched, touch the outside of your left leg with the back of your right hand and look over your left shoulder, gently rotating your spine. Then switch sides and slowly rotate back and forth a few times. Sit tall again. Lower your chin to your chest and then look up toward the ceiling. Repeat a few times. Lay flat on your back and then tense all of your muscles so that you lift your legs and torso off the ground about an inch. Keep breathing and hold this position for a while without straining. Lower yourself to the ground again and feel the contrast of having all of your muscles relaxed in stead of tensed. Repeat that a few times. End in the supine position (laying on your back).
In this position, let your body completely relax and focus your mind on taking long, slow deep breaths into your abdomen. If your mind wanders, don't worry. Watch it wander, but keep returning your focus to your breathing. Ten to twenty deep slow breaths should be enough to change your life. ;) Have a big glass of water and enjoy your new state of ease and peace and relaxation.

That entire routine takes about ten minutes and will have a profound effect on your health.

Among many other benefits too numerous to mention, being more relaxed allows your immune system to function properly, allows your mind to work on unconscious problem-solving, keeps your hormones in balance and softens the expression on your face.


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