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Medicine Show presents the World Premiere of:



by William Saroyan

with new works written especially for these performances by Kitty Chen, John Gruen, Lella Heins, Brian Murphy and Frederick Turner.


Saroyan's series of plays was written in the early 1960's but have never been produced on stage. They are a free-wheeling, comically skeptical look at American society. They embody a time between The Twist and Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Saroyan's plays question the belief system imposed on the 'common man.' They see us all stumbling toward some kind of truth.

Jason enjoys his fifth production with Medicine Show and says "you can always count on Medicine Show to confound its audience in good and bad ways, both intentionally and unintentionally. We unapologetically show you exactly what we think. This is realexperimental theater fresh from the 60's. If you've never seen a Medicine Show production, you really should at some point in your life.

OPENS: June 11, Thursday, 8:30PM

RUNS: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8PM

CLOSES: June 28, Sunday

549 W 52nd St., 3rd floor
(between 10th and 11th Aves.)


This is an Equity Approved Showcase. Tickets are $18. Seniors are $14. TDF Vouchers are accepted. Also available on SMARTIX

"We'll turn no one away altho they cannot pay"


Hunter Gilmore and Jason Alan Griffin in Break

Jason recently returned from Dublin, Ireland where he performed Break, by J. Stephen Brantley, and The Adventures Of...by Kathleen Warnock, in the ABSOLUT DUBLIN GAY THEATRE FESTIVAL. Jason and Hunter Gilmore reprised their roles of Nigel and Scooter for the fifth production of Break and joined Jamie Heinlein for The Adventures Of....Heinlien Gilmore and Griffin in The Adventures Of...

Break tells the story of a displaced Englishman living in New York who discovers a recovering junkie in his bedroom. They discover that they have more in common than they could have imagined. The Adventures Of... is about a girl who grew up watching two superheroes on TV and learns a lot about herself by the things she imagined they were doing during the commercials.CLICK HERE TO READ OUR REVIEWS.


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