JAG Energy Flow

JAG Energy Flow builds holistic fitness. Using basic, body weight movements to build strength, flexibility, coordination and agility. JAG Energy Flow burns fat and tones muscles. You feel stronger, and more at peace because you don't have to do any jarring, repetitive, boring movement for your cardio.

There are four segments to an Energy Flow Class

1) The class begins warming and preparing your body by moving through the Five Stages of Human Development. Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. This practice alone is one of the best exercises you can do for yourself. By moving your body through these five stages, it basically realigns your body every time you do it. If you learn this practice from this class and do it every day on your own, you will be amazed at the way your body responds. You will notice a freedom and an ease in your movements.

2) Then Energy Flow moves into HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training means that you take your heart rate up high for short periods of time with scheduled periods of rest in between. The latest research in showing that this type of training is the most efficient at burning fat because of an 'after-burn' effect that you don't get when doing long, slow cardio. These movements are very efficient because they equally tax your whole body, and they flow like yoga poses in a vinyasa. You will love doing your cardio this way, because a nice side effect is the whole body toning of your muscles.

3) Each class will feature a Yoga Tune Up segment, where we use yoga poses as tools to sculpt, stretch and strengthen our bodies. This is like the detail work of your body. Yoga poses are great for exposing weaknesses and tightness in your body. Yoga Tune Up works to strengthen those weaknesses and stretch those tightnesses with great precision and immediacy. Many people say they are able to do yoga poses in a Yoga Tune Up class that they hadn't been able to do in their lives.

4) Energy Flow class will always end on a Blissful note. It may be self massage, maybe some breathing, maybe just ten minutes of stillness, silence and darkness. But each class will end with something that calms all of the energy stirred up during the work segments of the class.

Energy Flow classes run in cycles , but students may join at any time. The cycle begins with the basic intervals and the fundamentals of movements. Intensity builds and movements become more complex as the cycle progresses, but each student is always working at his/her own pace and level. At the completion of each cycle, there is two weeks of gentle recovery, and then the Energy Flow cycle will begin again with the most simple and basic fundamentals.

This one-hour class meets every Monday and Thursday evenings at 6pm


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