Cold for the Road

Greetings from LAX

This morning, I set my alarm for 4:30am.  I was leaving on a 7:45 flight to kick off the JAG Fitness West Coast Tour 2010.
About three days ago, I started to notice that my throat felt a bit raw, but I contributed it to abusing my voice in Sunday morning’s Nia class.  Sometimes, when I get over excited in class, I forget to use my voice properly and my throat can feel raw for a few hours afterwards.
But the next day, it was still raw.  Not terribly painful, but noticeable. And then I was talking on the phone with a friend and he asked me if I had just woken up, or if I had a cold. I didn’t think much of it, so I just told him that I had just finished irrigating my sinuses with my neti pot and that sometimes makes me sound stuffed up for a few minutes afterwards.
And then yesterday, my throat was still sore and my head was still a bit stuffy and I started to get that weird, tingly feeling of having a cold. I believe it’s a histamine response. 
So it seems I need to face the fact that I have a cold.  Which is extremely rare.  I never get colds.  And what timing! Here I am at the beginning of a month-long, multi-city fitness tour and I have a cold.  Which reminds me, the last time I had a cold was...
Hm... a few days before leaving for Houston for my last fitness jaunt. In fact, if you look at the video of my Bond Girls routine, which was shot in Houston, you can hear the cold in my voice. 
So, I wonder... is it a coincidence? I don’t get stressed out by these trips; I actually enjoy them a great deal.  Is it some kind of self-sabotage? 
The cold I got for Houston was a doozy, and stuck around for about a week after I got back to New York.  I’m hoping this one disappears quickly. I’m trying to spread joy and fitness across this great land--not germs and sneezes. 


Jason Alan Griffin said…
update: later this evening, feeling better already.
I'll go to bed early and wake up tomorrow, feeling like a million bucks.

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