JAG Fitness 2010 Tour, Wrap Up in Seattle

Wow, I’ve been away from home for a long time.
As of this writing, I’ve been in Seattle for a week and have been away from New York for a month. I arrived in Seattle last Monday and have been staying at a friend’s house.  Our first night, I pulled my Yoga Tune Up therapy balls out of my bag and began massaging my feet and legs and showing him how to use them.  He’s a waiter and he really appreciated how much relief they were giving his feet and legs and forearms and hands. I don’t think he’s going to let me take them home.  
Being back in Seattle, similar to being in Santa Barbara again, has been an odd trip down memory lane and also a reminder that things are constantly changing and that you can never go back home.  It won’t be there.  It’s the same city, but everything is different.  Some of my favorite restaurants are gone and many new places are awaiting my new discovery. 
I’m sharing my Bond Girls routine and it seems to be going over really well.  Everyone is having a great time.  It’s so much fun to play in this espioniage-themed class. I’ve been subbing classes in Seattle, Redmond and Woodinville. In Woodinville, we actually had class in a barn. That was a first for me and it was very exciting. 
The week culminated in my teaching the learning of the Bond Girls routine.  I gave all the participants a copy of my 8BCs and a CD of the music. We went, song by song, through the routine, focusing on the music first, and then the movements and then the ‘magic’ of putting those two together.  And we ended the playshop by going through the whole routine one more time.  
I had a great time diving into the routine this way, and I’m so excited that now, these teachers are going to be sharing the Bond Girls routine in their classes. 

I hope to be able to share this experience with other teachers in the future.  My goal is to teach this routine to enough people that Bond Girls will become one of the Nia standards. 
I plan to return to New York tomorrow for just a few days. It’s been such a long time away. I’ve had such a great time on the road this month.  I’ve enjoyed meeting all the new people and being in so many different cities.  But I’m looking forward to being back in familiar surroundings with my old friends and clients. 

I'll be in New York for only a few days, however.  The final stop on my tour will be in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. I'll be at a wonderful yoga retreat center called Kripalu, where I'll be assisting Jill Miller in leading a weekend of Yoga Tune Up®
I’m already planning my next tour and arranging cities and aligning dates for JAG Fit Tour, April 2011. Stay tuned for more!


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