Going to Omega

As I sit in Penn Station, waiting for the Amtrak to Rhinecliff, I’m prepared to shift gears into a week with Glenn Black at Omega Institute.  It’s always a good idea to leave New York for a length of time to focus on peace, introspection and regaining serenity. Glenn’s  personal study of yoga has included much personal exploration in solitude, in addition to studying at length with some great masters. I respect his realistic perspective on yoga and movement and use of our bodies in general. Glenn is also one of Shmuel Tatz’ top proteges and one of the few people who can truly call themselves a Body Tuner.  And my teacher, Jill Miller, who created and certified me to teach Yoga Tune Up® was a long-time student of Glenn Black.
So, this weekend is described as a Yoga Immersion with a focus on precision in asana and also work with Kriya and Nidra, which I’m looking forward to. And I believe we’ll also be doing some Body Tuning. I don’t have any expectations or goals for the week. But I am aware that I’m seeking something in my life.  I want some sort of change or to establish a new routine or revise old ways into something new.  I’m going to be uprooting and moving from New York to Seattle, so a shift to the other side of the country seems to inspire a paradigm shift as well. 
I’m not sure how, or why, but I have a sense that this week is going to be a catalyst for this change that I’m seeking. I don’t expect this week to change me, but I hope to settle into  more congruency and balance and re-establish a strong habit of meditation. Also, I’m looking forward to Glenn’s direction. I know that he comes from a strong, staunch background of classic yoga, but he’s been advocating moving away from asana and respecting yoga in its entirety, including meditation, inward focus, removing reliance on outward sensations, community service and compassion. 
Since my train was delayed, there was no shuttle waiting at the station to take me to Omega, so I had to call a cab.  Despite paying $15 for the shuttle, I had to shell out another $27 for the cab ride. But I arrived in time for dinner, so I ate a nice big vegetarian meal, (which I’ll be getting a lot of here). After dinner, I browsed in the book store for over an hour, and then before heading up to my room, I stopped at the cafe and got a ginger cookie and a big bottle of seltzer water.
I went to bed early. Partly because there was really nothing to do so nothing was preventing me from going to bed, and partly because I really wanted to be well rested.
I’ve heard horror stories about how tough Glenn Black is.  In fact, when I was checking in, the guy asked me what I was here for.  When I told him “The Glenn Black Advanced Yoga Immersion”  he looked shocked.  Then he looked me up and down and said, “Well, you look like you can handle it.”
I guess that remains to be seen.  I imagine the week hold a lot of challenge for me, but I’m prepared to face them.  I’m also prepared for my biggest challenges not to be physical, so I’m prepared to do work on my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, too.


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