River's Trip to Seattle Center

Today's 'road trip' was very stimulating.  He has just been neutered so he's not supposed to get much walking.  But this guy has so much energy, I had to take him with me when I went to pick up my tickets to Bumbershoot at the TPS offices in Seattle Center. We really only went all of six blocks to where we were going to catch the bus.  And it wasn't a quick walk. He's learning not to pull on the leash, so there were quite a few stops and waits and restarts while he was getting the feel for how he's supposed to walk with me.  He actually seemed pretty beat by the time we got on the bus. I know I'm not supposed to exercise him for a few more days, but he would go nuts if I didn't walk him at least a little. 

Then we took a bus ride and then a short walk to the park where he could do his Embryonic on the grass and watch the kids and the skateboarders. Then another walk to another bus (turns out River REALLY likes the bus, the only time he pulled on his leash today was when the bus pulled up and opened the doors. And at the end of our ride, I had to nudge him a few times so he'd follow me off). On our way back home from the bus stop we made one quick stop at his new favorite hangout, the Mud Bay pet supply store. He met a few dogs there and they gave him a treat. I bought him a rubber brush.  During the rest of the four blocks home he was nearly always trotting along at my side and not pulling on the leash.


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