2012 Injuries

My exercising has been sporadic lately.

About three weeks ago I stopped my programed workouts because of a series of small injuries. My thumb was sprained, my back was seizing up and the issue that I had been working on to fix and realign my foot/ankle seemed to have transferred up into my knee, causing it to feel unstable, but thankfully, without pain. The ankle pain had finally stopped, but whatever misalignment that was causing it has obviously repositioned itself and has destabilized my knee. 

So, I hobbled around for two weeks and spent another week fairly pain free, but still not prepared to get back into it. The knee, as I said, doesn't hurt, but the weird clicking and feeling of instability are off-putting.  I did go back to the studio and try out some of my movements to see how I’d feel the next day, but it wasn’t encouraging; I still had residual pain in my wrist and back and the weird misalignment in my knee.

Now, three weeks since the last time I worked out, I’m started to get eager to sweat again, but my body still doesn’t feel happy. 

In the meantime, my only form of exercise has been running in the park with my dog in a sort of Fartlek style.  He gets me out of breath and keeps me agile with sudden turns and direction changes, so it's a fairly good workout, but not to the degree that I'm accustomed.

So, now I want to start up again, but at a much reduced degree of intensity until I feel ready to pump it up again.  Instead of using my prescription, though, I’m going to have to play around with my movements until my body comes around and starts co-operating with me again.

Inspired by my Fartlek play with River, I’ll bring this concept into the studio and explore a combination of yoga, Nia and strength training.  My main goal will be to return ease and comfort to my body.  It'll be an exploration of my strength, flexibility and ability. I want to work on balance and stability as well. Who knows what will come of it, but I will simply set a timer for 45 minutes, begin with a warm up and see where that leads me.  Then, after the timer goes off, I'll begin to cool down.

On a related note, my diet has been falling from grace, and I’ve been eating a lot more sugar and refined flour.  I suspect this may have something to do with my physical discomfort, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that as well.


tey9229 said…
bless u get well soon....don't give up for ur workout....good luck dude...:)))

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