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For years I've been using my camera as an exercise tool. I've learned a lot about my tendencies and muscular imbalances by watching videos of myself doing my exercises. By watching myself, I can adjust what I'm doing and thereby change my tendencies or correct my imbalances.

In the past, I'd typically watch a video once (or more, if I need to study it) and then delete it. But, for the past year or so, I've been putting together clips from these videos and, just for fun, posting them on YouTube before deleting them.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page for samples of some of those YouTube videos)
Now I want to make my entire workout available. Not just clips.  Announcing...

JAG's Video Club

Each month I am going to upload my current workout including warm up and cool down, and I'll upload my stretching/yoga/body tuning or whatever type of session I'm using to heal my body, and a Nia workout that I'm working on. Access to each video will be available, through download or streaming, for $9 each. The videos will change monthly.  To check out this month's videos, click here and visit my website. 

Keep in mind that I'm not creating instructional videos. I'm going to add a commentary track to a video of one of my work outs. You may follow along, or you may just watch. You might learn something to apply to your workouts or you might just think I'm silly.  But I'm not going to be recommending anything. I have to mention this because I am licensed as a Personal Trainer and could give people exercise prescriptions and instruction.  But this isn't that. This is my workout, made available to you. 

And another thing I'm doing is creating a subscription option. For those people who think they're going to be wanting more than one of these videos, it makes sense to sign up for JAG's Video Club. This is only $13 per month and it includes access to every video I upload (at least three new videos each month).

Again, these are videos of my workouts, so I can't guarantee what types of things you will see, but historically, I work on a strength workout, a stretching/healing type of workout I call a "flow" routine and a Nia routine each month, so you'll most likely see a new one of those types of  videos each month.

Click here to check out my channel on YouTube where you can see the types of videos I've been posting. Don't worry, I won't include any videos of my dog, River, in the subscriptions. :)

Membership in JAG's Video Club includes a Starter Package of videos which demonstrate some of the basic moves that make up my body of work, some simple exercises and body tuning movements that I did and do to prepare my body for movement. It also includes a very basic workout, with a warm up and cool down, and a fun Nia primer.  While the Starter Package is a month's worth of videos that I've pre-made, you will be "live" with me beginning the second month. You'll be getting the workouts in the same month I'm working on them. 

 Click here to get started. Your credit card will be billed $13 and once you verify your email address, you'll have immediate access to the Starter Package. Then you'll start getting emails with links to the new videos as they're uploaded.  The subscriptions are handled through PayPal. They can be canceled at any time and you'll stop receiving new videos immediately.  If decide you want to start receiving them again, we'll have your information so you can start up again at any time.


Anonymous said…
Videos are great. Very well done and very helpful.
Keep up good work and best to you.

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