The Art of Free Dance Playshop in Kansas City

The Nuts and Bolts of FreeDance:
A Magic, Experiential Nia Playshop
with Jason Alan Griffin

August 8 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Body and Soul of Kansas City, MO
649 East 59th St.

$44 at the door
or $39 if pre-registered here before Aug 5

One of the things that separates Nia from so many other forms of fitness is the degree of personal freedom. While there is a lot of structure to a Nia class, people often leave class remembering the freedom part the most and many people will describe Nia as a very ‘free form’ type of exercise. This is because it is the self guided aspect of the work, the free dancing, that really has the deepest effect on us. 

FreeDance is a rich and exciting opportunity to express ourselves by moving our bodies. The unstructured nature and palpable energy of FreeDance can be intimidating to some people. They will shut down and barely move, or go grab a sip of water instead of participating in what could be the most exciting and deeply gratifying moment of class.
Through this playshop, you’ll gain a distinct understanding of the chemistry and energy of FreeDance, and learn many tools and techniques that you can apply to immediately practice a full, rich FreeDance. You can use these tools to energize and inspire yourself and to always dance to suit your style and abilities and honoring your mood at any given time.
As a teacher, I often see people who are concerned because they “don’t know what to do” and maybe they’re afraid of looking silly. This playshop is designed to arm you with choices and expand your FreeDance vocabulary and generally demystify the whole process. We’ll be removing blockages and opening up new pathways of creative exploration.
Even the most experienced free dancer can create ruts and repeat some favorite movements every time. This playshop will take anyone out of their ruts. I will take us step by step through an inspirational method of creating your own style and your own FreeDance. You’ll never again wonder what to do when it’s time to dance, and what you do will be different every time. Register here:
Come and unleash your inner dancer!
August 8 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm
The playshop is $44. 
Register by Aug 5 for discounted rate

By the end of this playshop you will have a grab bag of different FreeDance tools and you'll be able to energize any of your dancing with spontaneous, rich, varied movements with passionate energy.
This playshop also offers an added optional opportunity for any student interested; to guide the group in a FreeDance. No one is required to do this, but the results are so magical, that I suggest giving it a try, even if you’re not a teacher. The skill of guiding a group in a FreeDance experience is really nothing more than knowing the tools of FreeDance (which I'll teach in the playshop) and applying them to yourself and then asking the others to do the same. Teaching What You Sense. It’ll all make perfect sense when I break down everything you need to start leading dynamic spontaneous movement experiences.

***$39. Early Bird Registration is accepted here by registering before Aug 5***

The Nuts and Bolts of FreeDance:
A Magic, Experiential Nia Playshop
with Jason Alan Griffin

This playshop is designed for students and teachers of Nia or anyone interested in dancing or moving for fun and pleasure. It is for people who love to dance freely, and perfect for those who really prefer more structure. It is great for anyone brand new to Nia or to movement of any type. This will be a fun and playful exploration of a very important aspect of Nia called FreeDance. The intent of this playshop is to demystify the process of FreeDancing. As a participant you will gain tools to guide yourself in a FreeDance experience that is truly spontaneous and always unique. The skills learned will also be useful for Nia teachers or anyone who leads spontaneous, group movement of any kind.


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