Simple Salad

Today for lunch I peeled and sliced three whole beets and put them in a steamer for about half an hour. I’ll only use part of one beet, but I like to make extra to have on hand in the refrigerator to easily add to salads or cooked meals.

While they steamed I cooked some boneless chicken thighs that had been rubbed with a mixture of spices;  laid flat on a roasting pan; no oil, at 425 for twenty minutes.  If I were using breasts, I’d have the oven at only 350. If I weren’t using meat at all, I’d be sure to add a handful of nuts, seeds or beans and maybe some cheese, for proteins. 

I threw a big handful of mixed greens (arugula, beet greens, baby chard and baby bok choy) on a plate and put about a third of the beets on top of the greens. Then I put the cooked chicken on top of that and drizzled fresh olive oil over the whole thing.

I washed an organic orange with soap, and rinsed it well, and then used a zester to scrape about a 1/4 of the peel of the orange over my plate. I rinsed a handful of blueberries and added them as well.

It’s a pretty typical lunch for me. As I said, I might add cheese or a handful of seeds or nuts, or both, or neither. And I’d often add herbs and/or spices to the oil as opposed to today, when I felt like I wanted the orange to stand alone against the spices on the chicken.


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