Learn the GOLDFINGER (aka Bond Girls) Nia routine


Full Schedule:

1- Take the Class
Sunday, January 5
4:00 - 5:00pm
Century Ballroom West Hall
915 E Pine St. Second Floor

Class is open to the public for $10 --FREE to those attending the full training.

2- Do the 8BCs
Saturday, January 11
2:00 - 6:00 pm
JAG Studio
1208 E Republican St, Capitol Hill, Seattle

3- Learn the Moves
Saturday, January 18
2:30 - 6:30 pm
Dance Space Studio, Greenwood, Seattle

4- Teach what you Know
GOLDFINGER teacher Jam
Saturday, February 1
11:00 am - Noon
Century Ballroom West Hall
915 E Pine St. Second Floor

Class is open to the public for $5

Cost for full training is $75. If you attended the BOND GIRLS training in October of 2010, you can attend the GOLDFINGER training at a discount.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to preregister, or pay in cash on the day of the first class.

None of the sessions are required to learn the routine. If you can't make a session and are still interested in learning it, contact me and we can arrange a special session for you.

GOLDFINGER is a Nia routine created by Jason Alan Griffin. Originally it was called BOND GIRLS, but it has since been renamed with a less gender-specific moniker. The routine was inspired by hearing the album Shirley Bassey The Remix Album. Diamonds Are Forever. Shirley Bassey is the voice of three James Bond movie theme songs: Moonraker, Diamonds are Forever and Goldfinger. She’s also done her versions of such classic songs as Hey Big Spender, Spinning Wheel and Where Do I Begin? (the theme to ‘Love Story’).  Upon hearing the album of remixes, JAG says, “It was so exciting to hear these classic songs given a new, modern technological twist, and as soon as I heard the album, I knew I had to teach Nia to it.”

The routine took a few months to come together and has taken on a strong James Bond theme. It was unleashed on the public in 2010 when it was taught in New York City, Santa Barbara, Eugene, Seattle and Portland. The routine and the espionage themed movements excites and thrills people whenever it is taught.

In early 2014, JAG is going to be training a select few teachers in Seattle to lead this routine. You could be teaching this great routine by February, 2014. If you are ready to get started, all you have to do is register for the training and complete the following four missions between now and the end of January. Your training with JAG can start as soon as you are ready and will culminate with a special GOLDFINGER JAM in late January. (exact date to be announced)

Back in 2010, there was a training of about eight “Bond Girls” in Seattle. Anyone who was present and previously trained on that weekend can attend any part of the current training for only $35. Contact JAG to register if that's the case.

This 'Learn the Goldfinger Routine' training will take place in four steps called ‘missions'. Student teachers are given plenty of opportunity to learn their own way and in their own Natural Time. None of the following sessions are required. You are free to do whatever you feel you need to do to learn and embody this routine.

Experience the Goldfinger routine.
aka Take the Class

On Sunday, January 5, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the West Hall of the Century Ballroom, 915 E Pine St. JAG will teach the Goldfinger routine to the public, including the trainees. This dynamic and playful Nia routine with a 007 flavored theme is focused on the Pelvis/Chest/Head body weights. The intention is to infuse sensuality into the Martial Arts. 

The admission to this class is $10 for general public but the cost is covered by the fees for the full training package. If you can’t make that class, no worries, there may be other opportunities to take the class between now and the end of January.  If it is at all possible to arrange it, JAG can even teach the routine as a guest teacher in your class. But even if you don’t get the opportunity to take Goldfinger, it won’t prevent you from learning it.

This class will be video taped and a copy will be given to all attendees for future reference.

Get Familiar with the Music
aka Do Your 8BCs

Upon registering, you will receive the playlist and a copy of the 8BCs so you can immediately begin to get familiar with its nuances and overall feel.

There will be one, four-hour session devoted to meeting as a group and going over the ‘bars’. All of the Goldfinger trainees will gather and go through the entire routine making note on their copy of the bars. If you want to bar the music on your own, you can certainly do it before we meet, and it would be very helpful, but not necessary.  The session we’ll have together will be for going over the ones JAG has already done and following along with the music. JAG will share how he hears the music and explain why his bars are how they are.

If you cannot make the session included in the training and/or you need more personalized attention, you can set up a one-on-one training session with JAG at the special discount rate of $20/hour. This special rate is valid from the time you register for the training until the Goldfinger Jam at the end of January. After that, should any further training be desired, JAG’s regular rate is $80/hour. 

"Bond Girls" at Nia Moves in Houston, TX - October 2010


Learn the Moves
& Move the Moves

We’ll get together as a group a different time for another four-hour session. This one is devoted to getting the choreography written down on your bar sheet as well as getting it into your body.  The session will be a download of all the katas that make up the routine and special attention will be given to transitions and unusual places in the music.



aka Nia Teacher “Goldfinger” Jam taught by JAG and the teachers in training

Saturday, February 1
11:00 am to Noon
West Hall Century Ballroom
 $5 for general public

Trainees will be given the opportunity to choose one or two songs to fully embody in order to lead a song or two in the Goldfinger Jam. Plenty of time will be given in between the choreography download of Mission Three and the final Goldfinger Jam so that teacher will have time to practice on their own or arrange more special training sessions if needed.

This is going to be a hugely fun community event. We will divide the songs up and teach the Goldfinger routine Jam style. There is no pressure, of course. This is all supportive. No one will be forced to teach, although it is highly encouraged as it is a safe environment to explore some really fast learning. 

The exact time and location of this Jam is yet to be determined.

The sooner you register, the sooner you can get started. 

Register here using PayPal, or contact JAG to arrange registration.

Those trainees that sign up the earliest will help influence the schedule and timing of future training missions, which have not been firmly established yet. 

Register for Training


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