New Hampshire

"Drive Courteously. It's the New Hampshire Way." according to a sign I saw shortly after entering the state. And I'd agree. I really felt like driving in New Hampshire was a pleasure because people were courteous in general.

Lately, I've been seeing an ad for New Hampshire tourism. It shows a couple hiking to the top of a mountain. There is no voiceover and no music. All you can hear a few distant the birds chirping and the rustling of their shoes on the path as they make it to the summit in the few seconds we know them. They stop and stand and look out at the wilderness below them. No one says a word. Finally the script shows up, saying  something like 'come to New Hampshire; it's natural.'

And that's pretty much my impression of the place. It's natural. It's relaxed and friendly. It's beautiful and doesn't make a big deal about itself. 

I had nothing to do there, and had just dropped a bunch of cash for the dog training weekend, so I placed an ad offering my services for personal training and/or massage, and actually got two interested responses. So I gave two massages and made some of that money back.

One of the clients told me about a really big park that River would love. So on our way out of New Hampshire, the next day, we stopped at this park and took a walk around a river that seemed like a lake because it was so still. But once we got to the other end, I could see that it was flowing.

After this long trek, I practiced some of the Bite and Carry, which worked like a charm. He was still energetic after the long walk, but after only a minute of Bite and Carry, he was lying on the grass with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth.

I'm learning that, with him, it's not as much the volume or intensity of exercise, but the specificity of exercise that he really needs. I'm really loving how relaxed it makes him.

 No, this is not doggy porn, this is a picture of some marks that River has on his belly. I noticed them as he let me rub his tummy. I noticed that they look an awful lot like a target reaction that one sees from being bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick. And we are in Lyme country. Or perhaps ringworm?

(I later learned that dogs don't actually exhibit the target reaction from Lyme infested tick bites, and that these markings are those of black fly bites.)

After playing in the park for an hour or so, we headed even further east to our next destination.


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