Billings Nia with JAG

Friday, June 19
6 - 8 pm
Yellowstone Dance Company
106 N 29th St.
Billings, MT

Join JAG for two hours of learning and playing. Using his latest creation, called Frankie Say Nia*; a Nia routine with all 80's alternative New Wave music, we will spend the first hour learning the moves of the routine and the 52 Moves of Nia. We'll be discussing how they show up in the routine. JAG will be breaking down the choreography to the routine, and offering lots of insight into how we use the focus and intent. He will show exactly how to use Creative Arm and Hand Expressions and the concept of Form and Freedom to make Choices to Manifest the High Magic of Nia to access and claim our Personal Power.

In the second hour, we'll play. JAG will lead through a the Frankie Say Nia routine. Doing the routine after the review of the first hour will be so deep and so much fun and such a rich, rewarding, powerful experience that will leave us all relaxed into our personal power.

The cost for this exciting event is $20, but you can save $5 by registering a week in advance.
Using this button, you can sign up for the "Frankie Say 52 Moves Play and Workshop".

Nia with JAG
This discount is only available until Jun 12, so plan ahead.

You can also register in advance with cash if you get in touch with Sue Tucker at 406-698-6651.

*"Frankie Say Relax" was a meme made popular by a New Wave band called Frankie Goes to Hollywood in the early 80's. They had a hit song called "Relax (Don't Do It)" that is in the routine JAG created, so that is where the name "Frankie Say Nia" comes from.


Saturday, June 20
1 - 5 pm
Red Lodge School of Dance
20 N. Broadway Ave
Red Lodge, MT

In Nia we are driven by Joy and Pleasure. There is an art to it that goes beyond just Nia class. Many students have asked 'How do I sustain the feelings I get in a Nia class throughout the rest of my life?" How do I live in Joy and Happiness?

This is the focus of the Art of Joy; a playshop based on the concepts of First Degree Black Belt and of JAG's 13 Principles of Happiness. We will discuss what happiness is for each of us and what creates it and prevents it in our lives. We'll dance to get deep into ourselves where we can tap into the real root of our potential for happiness and joy.

Be prepared to see the world in a whole new way after this experience. You will leave this event with a big smile on your face. Happiness and Joy are everywhere once we're alerted to ways of sensing them.

Bring a pillow or a mat that will allow you to be comfortable sitting on the floor, and bring a notebook as you might want to write down inspirations you get throughout the playshop.

The event will conclude with a Nia class, giving us an opportunity to experience the Art of Joy in the context of Nia. JAG has created a Nia routine called 'Rejoice' with a focus on Loving Being Alive. It's quite joyful and a perfect way to wrap up our Art of Joy experience.

The cost of this event is $45 at the door.
You can save $6 by registering in advance. Use this button to pre-register through PayPal. The early bird discount of $39 is valid until June 13. You can also pre-register using cash by contacting Sue Tucker at 406-698-6651.

Nia with JAG


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