Spontaneous Double-Header in Durango

The motel in Farmington, NM was super no-frills. No microwave anywhere on the premises so I couldn’t heat up my sausages. I went instead to get a burger from Blake’s Lotaburger. I put my own fermented pickles and red peppers on it.

I woke up and drove a bit over an hour to teach a class in Durango, Colorado. It’s a cute, historic town with lots of outdoorsy type people. I had never been there and in fact had never even heard of it until a few months ago. When I heard there was a Nia community there, I contacted them and set up a class. 

I had a bit of a challenge finding the place. The address was on 3rd Street and I kept entering Third Street into my navigation but it was saying such a street didn’t exist. Finally, when I used the number instead of spelling it, I found it. 

And then when I got there, it was the longest walk from the car to the studio that I’ve ever had in all my years of teaching on the road. I took the crate and the dog in two trips, because of it. I left River in the car until I found the studio and had the crate set up, then went out and got him.

It was super fun to present Frankie Say Nia to the dozen students who were really energetic and loved the 80’s music. I learned a few more things about the routine, as well. It gets tighter every time I teach it.

After class, I took River out to the car and then made my way back to the studio to get the crate. As I was folding up the blankets, the students for the next class started to come in and we all got to talking. Turns out it was another Nia class and when the teacher found out who I was and what I was doing, she asked me if I wanted to teach her class. I decided to do it, while River waited in the car.

I didn’t teach Frankie Say Nia, though. That would’ve been weird. So I got out the Rock & Roll class I was working on in Sedona, and taught that one. They loved it! 

After class, I took River to the river front and we played for a bit. I got a few really good barks out of him in the context of our playing. It seemed to flow easily from him, even though I didn’t have any food. I forgot to bring my camera with me.

We finally hit the road for Albuquerque by about 2:30 pm. The trip had some incredibly scenic rock formations. I tried to capture some on camera, but the pictures can't do it justice. The size of the rocks are part of the beauty, and the deep, rich red color of the dirt doesn't really show up as such on these shots.

I got to the motel by about seven and ate some food. They have a microwave in the lobby, so I was able to eat out of my cooler. I had some sausages and corn chips and some of my fermented vegetables.

I think I’m going to have to throw some of them away. The flavor doesn’t seem right on a few jars. One tastes a bit like mildew and two others have that weird diaper smell I don’t like. What’s weird is that just two nights ago they were delicious. I think I may have been a bit too light on the salt in those jars. And without the refrigeration, the salt is even more important. 

So I’m going to chuck a jar of asparagus, a jar of celery and one with a mixture of carrots, broccolini, fennel and celery. I made three jars of the latter, so hopefully the other two jars aren’t also nasty. I’m not too upset, though because this frees up some jars for me to make some more. I might wait until I’m staying at someone’s house so I can use a proper kitchen. That will be in two more days. Tomorrow night I will teach in and stay the night in Albuquerque.


Maggie Schlarb said…
It was so amazing to have you teach in Durango - I am smiling ear to ear hearing that you taught again at noon. See you again soon....
Anonymous said…
Super cool. A two-fer!

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