iPhone Video Dump

I take lots of video of my dog, River, when we're on long road trips and then I don't do much else with them. Occasionally, I'll post a short video to Facebook, but other than that, I let them accumulate in my phone and watch them or show them to unsuspecting people at random times.

I probably would continue to store all of the videos in my phone, rarely seen by most of the world, if it weren't for the fact that I eventually run out of disc storage.

Yesterday, I got a message that I couldn't perform a simple function I was attempting because I had less than 500 MB of storage available on my phone.  So I deleted a bunch of useless things, but it only made a tiny dent. A more thorough investigation showed that the majority of space was being used up by two main things: my music library and my videos.

I need my music on my phone for my work, so I couldn't really do anything about that, but I was able to do something about the videos.  I decided to dump all of them into a movie editing app on my computer and create one long video of all of the clips I took during my travels this past year.

I added some titles and some music to help move it along during the slow parts, but otherwise it is pretty much just all of the video clips I took laid out end to end, forming a kind of loose narrative.

Then I deleted all the videos from my phone and it freed up about 6 GB!  Now I'm ready to shoot more videos!  In the meantime, please enjoy this slice of 2015 featuring River and me across the USA.

You may notice that when the video begins, I'm still driving Georgia, the brownish-green 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman. But shortly into it, I've switched to Babe the Blue Ox, a 2015 Mini Cooper 4-door Hardtop.

You may also notice that in the early part of the video, River and I have a 50 foot long red leash. I forgot to load it into the car after we stopped to play in a lake. I went back to the same spot the next day, but it wasn't there.  I replaced it with a green leash the next day. I wouldn't have chosen to get a long green leash because of how much time we spend on grass. The red leash was always easy to find against the grass. The green one, not so much.

There are a few moments in the video when I'm talking and I also have music playing that makes it really difficult to hear and understand me. That was intentional. Sometimes, when I was shooting, I would babble. Trust me, when there's anything even remotely worth hearing, I turn the music down.

Toward the end of the video, when we're in the Trinity Nat'l Forest in Junction City, California, I'm shooting on a cliff, looking down into a big river and I pan around to show the forest. I don't know if it's obvious, or if it looks like it's a foggy day, but it's actually a bright sunny day. What you're seeing is smoke from the nearby wildfires. Notice on the hill across the street from where I'm parked, you can see the ground and some of the blackened trees still smoldering.  There's also an eerie yellowish tint to that section of the video, but it's not a special effect; that hue was actually happening as the sunlight filtered through the smoke. It smelled like a giant campfire.

And what the heck... As long as I'm cleaning media off my hard drive, I might as well also post these random pictures here so I can delete them from my phone:
River on Columbus Ave; NYC

Medford, OR

Medford. OR

Stopping to switch seats.
Cottonwood, CA.
March 26 - River officially becomes a back seat driver

Waiting for class to start since we arrived an hour early.
Sandpoint West Athletic Club parking lot
Sandpoint, ID

Black Hills National Forest
Custer, South Dakota

Dickinson, North Dakota

Cenex Gas Station
Bismarck, North Dakota

Motel 6
Lakeville, MN

Motel 6 / Nashua, NH

Motel 6
Virginia Beach, VA

Highway Rest Area
Blacksburg, SC

Truck Parking Area
Crescent Valley, CA

Motel 6
Sparks, NV

Five Guys Parking Lot
Indian Hills, NV


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