JAG's 2016 Menu

Here's what I've put together to present in 2016.

1- AMAZING.   This routine is a fun celebration of collaboration. It was co-created with JAG and several different Nia communities across the USA.  It contains some familiar songs in a variety of genres, from country music, to disco.  Many of the songs are about the cities from which the creative choreography comes. The focus of the routine is on Connections and Directions and the intent is to Explore Something New and Return Home Renewed.  Read this blog entry for a full description of the story behind this routine.

If your community is interested in participating in a choreography playshop exactly like the ones we used to create the Amazing routine, that can certainly be arranged. It requires about three hours. 
Here is a sample of the flier for this class:

2- ORCHESTRA.   This routine was co-created by JAG and Marcelle Rudnick, Brown Belt from Kansas City. It uses all Classical Music. Ravel's 'Bolero', Tchaikovsky's '1812 Overture' and Beethoven's 'Fifth Symphony' are some of the pieces we will be moving along with. This is a wonderfully complex and satisfying routine and it's great fun to do Nia to this largely untapped style of music. The focus is on the 13 Joints and the intent is to Notice Parts Creating the Whole.

Here is a sample of the flier for this class:

3- WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE.   This is a JAG routine using bands that played at the original Woodstock Music Festival of 1969 like Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Moody Blues. This is a free-spirited routine with a focus on FreeDance. The intent is to Dance Your Body's Way. Although no drugs are used during the routine, many people have reported feeling 'high' afterwards.

joy, transcendence, love…it was a true woodstock experience!!LORD it was fun. i was so so high from it!!! don't miss it next time!!!!!
Posted by Amy Palatnick on Friday, August 28, 2015
Here is a sample flier for this class:


4- FLOORPLAY.  In the fall of 2015, JAG created a playshop / extended Nia routine called Power FloorPlay.  In December of the same year, Debbie Rosas released an official Nia routine called FloorPlay. This class is a combination of the two, blending JAG's athletic style with Debbie's classic Nia and also combined with Nia Five Stages to present a loving and moving exploration of what JAG calls "my favorite part of class."

We will explore horizontal and vertical playfulness to sense how the two affect health and fitness benefits. By playing with mobility on the floor we are improving our strength and flexibility; self-confidence and agility are improved as we move, and stability is increased when we relax and when we're still.  This is a very adaptable style of work with the emphasis on play and individuality; it can be taught in a standard one-hour class format, or as an extended playshop. It can be tailored to suit groups eager to be athletic or to ones seeking gentle, restorative play.  Talk to me about your group's needs and interest and we'll come up with something perfect for them.
Here is a sample of the flyer for this class:

In addition to the above routines, JAG can also present playshops based on any of JAG's original or standard Nia routines, or any Nia concept.

IMPORTANT NOTE: River will be there, too.  We BOTH look forward to seeing many old and new friends in 2016.


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