The Ultimate Amazing

Today was a situation that I don't care for. I had a six and a half hour drive before teaching a class. I tend to prefer to be in the town well in advance, just to avoid the myriad things that can go wrong to delay my timely arrival.

Lucky there were no interesting sites along the way.  Well, actually there were, but I'd seen them all already so I had no problem. The ride was pretty uneventful; especially compared to the calibre of beauteous drives I'd been taking of late.

I got an early start and I gained an hour as I passed into the Pacific Time Zone.  This is the kind of scenery I mostly saw:
I got to Pendleton in plenty of time, even with stopping several times, for gas, pet food and rest breaks. I was able to check into the motel first and even had time to give River his dinner before I had to be in the studio.

Pendleton is a tiny little town, so it only took me four minutes to get there from the motel.

The studio was beautiful but they kept it dark. They used just a few soft lights. I'm not a fan of doing Nia in the dark, but I know it's a popular thing. I didn't ask them to make the change for me, but I did have a hard time seeing them and I think they also had a hard time seeing me. I use visual cues as much or more than verbal cues, so it was hard to follow me since they couldn't really see my cues that well.

But no one got hurt and we were all smiles by the end.

I was in a crabby mood before I got to the studio because I made the mistake of looking at facebook and was confronted with the reality that I have some friends that are stupid enough to support Trump for president. Well, maybe they're not stupid, maybe they're just racist assholes, but in any case, I let myself get worked up by trying to get into their minds.  Fortunately, doing Nia broke me out of that funk.

After class, i stopped at Dickey's to get some BBQ and took it back to the room.

As River was jumping out of the car to go to the room, he tripped over himself and landed face first on the asphalt with a loud clunk. After that he seemed to be in a bit of a daze and wouldn't let me comfort him.  He's not limping, but he is in his crate licking his legs. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I felt bad that he hurt himself.

I'm so excited that this was my last day of the trip unless you count tomorrow, when I'll be driving about four hours to Seattle and THEN I'll officially be done.

I'm planning to write a wrap up of the trip, but it might not happen tomorrow or right away. I'll be doing some decompression and may even lay low for a while. Thanks for joining me on this epic amazing odyssey.

Peace out.


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